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When you looked in the mirror last time, did you notice more gray hairs than you liked? Does it seem like you have more gray hair every day? I know that I like to say that my kids gave me gray hair but it’s actually just part of the aging process. When it begins for you is largely dependent on heredity. As we age, the pigment cells in our hair follicles slowly die. As they die, our hair turns gray or silver. That probably doesn’t make you feel any better but at least you understand the process.

Salon Quality At Home Hair Color

Because I’m not a huge fan of gray hair, I go to the salon every six weeks for a highlight which helps cover the gray. Going to the salon every six weeks can get expensive but I’m not willing to live with the gray either. I’ve tried those hair colors from the drug store and I haven’t been impressed.  Not only are the fumes toxic, the color doesn’t last and my hair ends of being dry and brittle after I use it.  I had about given up on coloring my hair at home when I learned about Madison Reed Hair Color.

Madison Reed Hair Color is salon quality at home hair color. The ammonia- free and resorcinol-free professional grade products are delivered right to your door. Handcrafted in Italy, Madison Reed’s multi-tone formula comes in 27 natural shades for salon-quality color with added depth and shine. I know you’re thinking that one hair color is the same as another but you’re wrong.

Salon quality at home hair color  #MRHairColor

The website is very easy to navigate and they walk you through the process of choosing which color is best for you. If you’d like help picking the best hair color, you can call their color crew for a free color consultation. If you use another brand’s hair color already, they have a color translator that lets you figure out what that color would be on the Madison Reed site. Finding your handcrafted hair color couldn’t be easier.

Using Madison Reed Hair Color was truly an experience. When I opened the box, I immediately noticed that it was so much more than just a hair color.  The box included two pairs of gloves (heavy gloves, not those cheap ones that tear), a hair cap, shampoo, conditioner, barrier cream, wipes, a tube of color and a color activator bottle.  PLUS, there was a letter, to me explaining what their philosophy was and asking for my feedback.

Salon quality at home hair color  #MRHairColor

While this is something that you can do yourself, I had my 16 year old son color my hair. He’s a cosmetology student at our local technical school and he wanted to practice. Don’t I look happy to be a guinea pig? Luckily, the box of Madison Reed Hair Color walks you through the process step by step with words and pictures. He had no problem at all following the directions from start to finish.

I was very happy to learn that there was more than enough color, shampoo and conditioner to do the job. Some kits make it feel like you have to be super careful or you won’t have enough.  That wasn’t the case with Madison Reed. Did I mention how nice the products smell? There is no horrible ammonia smell with Madison Reed Hair Color!

Salon quality at home hair color  #MRHairColor

I love my new Madison Reed color and it left my hair so soft andshiny! I’m so glad I found salon quality at home hair color that is roughly a third of what I pay in the salon! Find your perfect hair color now!


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  1. I love the color you chose because it looks so natural. I tried Madison Reed and loved it too. My husband said that Madison Reed is the only brand I am allowed to use because it has no bad smells 🙂 

  2. Oh, I saw that after picture on Facebook and thought it was just a picture of you, just because!! Didn’t know you had colored.  Amazing how real the color is, love it!!

  3. I like the fact that it doesn’t have any noxious odors; that is the worst part about coloring your hair if you ask me. Your color looks lovely; natural and shiny. 

  4. I’ve experimented with coloring my hair in the past and while I love the different colors I HATE the hair dye itself. I have a slight case of MCS so on any given day it can be tolerable or worse so I’ve had many a time where the chemical smell of hair dye sent me over the edge o.O

    I love the wide range of colors you can choose from and the ease of picking out a color that will suit you best! It takes a lot of the guess work out of the experience!

  5. That is so awesome that this hair color has no ammonia, I hate that smell! What a great way to get salon results at home!

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