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While I’m not one of those women who goes to the mall in yoga pants, there is a time and a place for stylish activewear.  I work out regularly. It’s one of the ways that I try to stay healthy and in shape. Sometimes I exercise in the privacy of my own home.  Sometimes I take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood.  Occasionally I’ll participate in a 5K or similar.  When I am exercising out in the community, I want to look my best and that means stylish activewear.

Stylish Activewear

Stylish Activewear

Of course, there is more to stylish activewear than looking good. I want what I choose to wear to not only look good but be suitable for exercising. I’m not heading out for a workout in skin tight jeans, heels and a blouse.  It’s important that what I wear allow freedom of movement and provide support. The Lands End Performance Collection features moisture-wicking fabric that stays fresh between washings, UPF protection and flat locked seams for chafe-free comfort. There’s nothing I hate more than wearing something while working out that rubs me the wrong way.

The collection includes a range of pant options and active tops that can be mixed and matched to create a complete, comfortable look that works easily for exercising without worries if you run into a neighbor or want to run into the store for something on the way home. I’m wearing the Women’s Regular Solid Control Performance Boot-cut Pants and Women’s Regular Elbow Sleeve Solid Performance Tunic.

Stylish Activewear

The Women’s Regular Solid Control Performance Boot-cut Pants have wicking fabric that keeps me cool and dry while exercising.  The fabric contains spandex so it allows for the freedom of movement I want. It has a pocket in case I want to bring along my license or a few dollars for a latte. There are mesh panels at the waist and hips to help smooth out your figure without feeling restricting. I love this. I know where my “extra pounds” tend to end up and I love a little extra help to keep them hidden.

Women’s Regular Elbow Sleeve Solid Performance Tunic has the same wicking fabric and also UV protection knit in. This is great since I have very sensitive skin that’s prone to burning.  It’s designed to fit without being binding. I’m not a huge fan of the “sports bra” type shirts for exercising. I want something with a bit more coverage and modesty. I also love that it has a little extra length on the bottom. I don’t want to show things off while I’m exercising. It’s also comfortable enough to tuck into the waistband of the pants.

Stylish Activewear

The Lands End Performance collection can be purchased direct from Lands End. There is a special sale right now to get 30% off all regular priced styles. Visit Lands End for more information.


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  1. you look great in the Lands’ Ends active wear and 30% off is great!! thanks for sharing that–I really could use some new spring casual clothes.  I’m heading over there now 🙂

  2. I wear yoga pants all the time! They are so comfy and I’m more about comfort than fashion when I’m at home. I love how these yoga pants are BOTH. I would wear them out shopping. They look really sharp!

  3. Those look nice, I love the wicking fabric for activewear. And the UV protection in the shirt is an added bonus.

  4. These are super cute, you look great!  I need some new yoga pants, that’s for sure.

  5. Those are really stylish – something I would feel comfortable wearing in public after my workout vs regular yoga pants. 

  6. I must admit I live in yoga pants, even if Im not exercising! Looks comfy and attractive!

  7. Mary Letson says

    Those black pants look great on you,  Lands End clothing is very well made!

  8. I made it a point to retire my baggy workout pants and only wear nice fitting items and it makes such a difference. Saves time changing and you look so much more put together when running those errands! These look great on you and of course big pink fan.