Redhead Makeup Tips and Color Advice

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If you’re searching for redhead makeup tips, keep reading for beauty and color advice to help you look stunning! We all make makeup mistakes when we first begin using it. I still have flashbacks to the blue eyeshadow that I thought would be stunning. But, if you’re looking for makeup for redheads, keep reading for some tips.

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Redhead Makeup Tips and Color Advice You Should Know

Redhead Makeup Tips

Red hair has long been associated with beauty, passion, and mystique. Classical painters throughout history have had a fascination with redheads, elevating them to the status of beautiful nymphs and goddesses. In Renaissance art, Sandro Boticelli’s famous painting ‘The Birth of Venus’ features the Greek goddess of love as a redhead. If you are lucky enough to be a true redhead, embrace it and play up your unique natural assets.

Follow these simple redhead makeup tips and color rules for accessories and fashion, to bring out the best in your natural or dyed red hair. 

Bringing out natural highlights

Clear henna or a henna-based shampoo is a great way of bringing out the natural red highlights of your hair and to boost vibrancy. Or, for a traditional shampoo, Color Boost Red Color Depositing Shampoo in Red is a natural and gradual color depositing shampoo for all shades of red hair that naturally coats each hair strand with radiant shine and color. Here’s some information on using henna on red hair.

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Makeup for redheads

For a pale, milky complexion, always include lotion or foundation that contains at least SPF 15 as part of your daily routine. Pale skin and freckles can be a bold statement and truly stand out from the crowd when tanning and dangerous beauty fads such as sunbeds are in vogue. There are many tinted moisturizers on the market that provide gradual, subtle color during the summer months, a far better option for those wishing to gain a more natural sun-kissed look. Check out these natural-looking makeup tips.

Are you warm or cool-toned?

‘Red hair’ describes a spectrum of shades from auburn, to copper, to strawberry blonde, but in general, there are two types of skin tone for redheads: warm and cool. The simplest way to identify whether your skin tone is warm or cool is to take a look at the inside of your wrist in natural light.

If the skin there has a bluish hue, your skin tone is cool; if the skin has a golden tone, your skin tone is warm. Or, if your skin tone is warm, choose make-up and accessories that fall into the warm spectrum: think rich, warm, earthy colors. If your skin tone is cool, stick with cooler shades for the most flattering effect.

However, all redheads are different: enjoy experimenting, and use your intuition when finding the right colors for you. Take these redhead makeup tips as a place to begin.

a woman with red hair wearing blue jean shorts and a white shirt

Complementary Colors for Warm Redheads

  • Jewel tones
  • Earth tones
  • Spicy orange
  • Copper
  • Olive green
  • Plum
  • Mustard yellow

a woman with red hair and green eyes

Complementary Colors for Cool Redheads

Use these complementary colors as a guideline when applying these redhead makeup tips. They hold true for fashion and beauty.

  • Turquoise
  • Lilac
  • Royal purple
  • Emerald green
  • Mint green
  • Icy tones
  • Taupe
  • Pink: redheads with cooler skin tone can experiment with pinks to create a bold effect, but in general it should be avoided for every day looks.

Redhead Makeup Tips and Color Advice You Should Know

Colors that Complement all Redheads

Greens are flattering for almost all shades of red hair and very versatile. This is because red and green are complementary colors that balance each other out. The lighter your hair shade, the lighter shade of green you should go for.

Browns are an alternative to black for redheads as a universal ‘safe’ color.

Gold can be flaunted in abundance by redheads and can add vibrancy and luster, especially during summer. Try dusting a little gold on the cheekbones or the eyelids.

Bronze and copper can also look stunning, but never mix metallics as this can be clashing. This holds true for redhead makeup tips as well as fashion.

Redhead Makeup Tips

Colors for Redheads to Avoid:

Black and white are known as the universal colors, but for redheads, they are a disaster and can cause the skin to look sallow and washed out. If you have a black or white dress, jacket or item of clothing that you absolutely can’t live without wearing, a splash of flattering color in the form of a scarf, hat or accessory will help to neutralize the dulling effect and keep you looking glowing.

For warm toned redheads, steer clear of pastels as this can have the same effect.

If you love a certain color but it clashes with your coloring, wear it sparingly and only with accessories, keeping them at a distance from your face.

I hope these redhead makeup tips will help you put together a stunning look!

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