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Are you wondering about fashion military jackets and whether they are in style this year? Fashions revealed that the military jacket trend is popular again this year. 

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green fashion military jackets

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Fashion Military Jackets

Whether it’s bomber jackets or dressed up fatigues, you may want to think about adding a few military pieces to your spring wardrobe. One of my favorite things about fashion trends is that you can choose to add as much or as little of them to your wardrobe as you like.

I tend to keep my basic wardrobe mostly full of classic pieces. That means that I’m not replacing my entire wardrobe every year as styles change. I can keep classic black pants, a white top, a black pair of boots and a classic black bag as my staple pieces. Then whether the trend of the year is leopard print or military influence, I can add in one or two trendy pieces like a paracord bracelet to complete my look.

woman wearing brown fashion military jacket and jeans

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Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket was originally a military jacket. It has evolved into popular styles like letterman jackets. They are short, casual jackets that fit tightly at the waist often with a zipper.

You can go with traditional army green, brown, or black but don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through and choose a less traditional color.

woman wearing dressy military style jacket

Photo credit: WOWS_ on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Duffle Coats or Pea Coats

Duffle coats or pea coats are another style of military jacket. They are longer than a bomber jacket and often have a  more formal style. They are typically made of wool or a heavier material so they may only be suitable for early spring wear depending on your climate. These types of jackets often have wide lapels, toggle closures, and a more boxy fit.

Safari Jacket

If you’re hoping for a lightweight spring military jacket, you’ll definitely want to add a safari jacket to your wardrobe. This jacket is typically made of a lighter weight cotton and features pockets, zippers, and drawstrings.

Don’t feel locked into a specific style of jacket. If you want to rock the military trend, you can add style to any outfit by wearing a military bracelet, dog tag style necklace or a camo print scarf.

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