Leg Shaving Tips for Smooth Beautiful Legs

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Check out these leg shaving tips before you shave next time! We all want smooth, beautiful legs but getting them isn’t as easy as it seems. Like most women, you’ve probably been shaving your legs since you were a teenager. You’ve probably tried every razor and shaving cream that’s been advertised with varying levels of success. At least, I know I have.  

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5 Leg Shaving Tips for Smooth Beautiful Legs

Leg Shaving Tips

When all is said and done, there are a few leg shaving tips that really do work to give you smooth, beautiful legs. It’s not so much the brand you use, it’s what you do when you’re shaving and before you start to shave. Here’s what works for me.

Exfoliate First

Before you start to shave, it’s important that you exfoliate. You will eliminate any dead skin cells and also lift up the hairs slightly which will help you get a closer shave.

a woman shaving in the bath tub

Shave in a Warm Shower or Bath

Whenever possible, shave in a warm shower or bath. Never “dry shave” without moisturizing your skin first. Warm water will open the pores and let you get a closer shave for smoother skin.

Use Shaving Cream or Conditioner

Apply shaving cream before you begin to shave. If you’re all out of shaving cream, it’s OK to use conditioner. Both will moisturize your legs which will help eliminate irritation.

Whatever you do, don’t use soap. Soap will dry out your skin and can leave your legs itchy.

a woman shaving in the tub with candles

Reduce Razor Burn

If you’re prone to razor burn, try shaving in the same direction that the hair is growing. You won’t get as close a shave but you will lessen the likelihood that you’ll break out in a red, bumpy rash.

Rinse Your Blade

Hair and shaving cream can build up on the blades in between strokes. So, after each stroke of the razor, you should rinse the blades off under hot running water before you start again.

No matter how careful you are, you may still end up with a nick or cut when shaving. Walking around with little bits of toilet paper stuck to your leg to stop the bleeding doesn’t have to be the answer.

Glyder is on a mission to solve the problem around nicks and cuts by using a patent pending “Styptic Balm” formulation. They are currently creating their female product line and are trying to gather data through a simple 45-second survey.

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  1. “Dry shaving” is super painful! Trust me, I have tried it, lol …
    I usually use shave gel. I take warm baths for the most part so that helps too.


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