Fall Wardrobe Basics for a Minimalist

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These fall wardrobe basics are really all that you need. It used to be that a new season would mean a brand new wardrobe. I didn’t shop with any specific goals in mind, I just bought whatever inspired me at the moment. The end result was that nothing matched and creating an outfit that looked good was a challenge. 

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Fall Wardrobe Basics for Minimalist Wardrobes

Fall Wardrobe Basics

Fall is an in between season and that brings along challenges you don’t often see in summer and winter. Some days will be warm and others cool. Some days it will start out cool, be warm in the afternoon, and then cool down again in the evenings. That change in temperature can make planning what to wear a challenge.

Here are a few fall wardrobe basics that will make the transition easier.


Layering is the key to a successful fall wardrobe. You can begin the day with a short sleeved shirt and a sweater. Then, as the afternoon warms up, you can remove the sweater.

Finish the day by adding the sweater back again if necessary. Sticking with solid colors will make this process simpler and allow you to keep your wardrobe at a minimum.

But, don’t be afraid to add in a few trends to make your look you.

Fall Wardrobe Basics for Minimal Wardrobes


Living in Vermont, flannel is a popular look. But, it’s not just for farmers. You can easily layer a flannel shirt over a solid chambray shirt for a layered look.

Or, wear the flannel as your base layer underneath a cable knit cardigan.

Basic T-Shirt

Solid colored T-Shirts are one of my favorite staples year round. In the fall, they can be worn alone on warm days. Or they can be layered underneath a sweater, chambray, or flannel shirt.

Look for solid neutral colors to get the most from this wardrobe basic. My choices are white, cream, black, and navy.

Fall Wardrobe Basics for Minimalist Wardrobes


Denim is the basis of my wardrobe year round. In the summer, I wear capris and occasionally shorts. In the fall, I make sure to have several different types of denim on hand.

Look for a dark wash for a dressier look and a lighter color for everyday wear. I love these Riders by Lee Midrise Bootcut jeans because they come with premium stretch that makes them comfortable and stylish.


I may live in sandals all summer, but as fall arrives,  I start wearing my boots again. Depending on your style preferences, boots may be cowboy boots, ankle boots, moto boots or stilettos.

This season, Riders® by Lee® is unveiling a new, on-trend collection full of casuals, knits and their staple denim in a variety of fits and finishes.

Get inspired by their fresh fall fashions as you consider your Fall wardrobe basics.

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  1. I love my cardigans, long t-shirts and boots in the fall. Layers works the best for me, so I can take a few off if I get hot or vice versa.


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