KALYX Sports Bras for the Active Woman

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Have you tried KALYX sports bras? KALYX has created the world’s most advanced line of activity-specific encapsulated sports bras. As an active woman, finding the right sports bra is almost as important as choosing the right pair of athletic shoes. Proper support can make all of the difference when it comes to a successful workout.

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Kalyx sports bras

KALYX Sports Bras

Created with K-FORCE Technology, KALYX sports bras incorporate revolutionary design, cutting-edge construction, and top-notch composition, creating an overall superior sports bra. Their bras are engineered to work with a woman’s body depending on what type of activity she enjoys. Best of all each sports bra they make removes 3-5 water bottles out of the landfill!! How cool is that? Keep reading for an important KALYX sports bras update.

I’ve tried a variety of different types of sports bras. The underwire bras are just flat out painful to wear during exercise. The one-piece compression-type bras really don’t offer any support. A woman really needs a bra that will provide support, breathability, and style when she exercises. If you don’t have proper support when you exercise, you can experience back pain, chafing, and skin irritation.

woman sitting with a kettle bell

The Centered Yoga Bra by KALYX is comfortable and stylish. It really offers a great amount of support while I’m exercising. I found that it provided just the right amount of support but was still flexible enough for me to move without it being uncomfortable at all.

Breathable comfort

I didn’t get all hot and sweaty which really made me appreciate how breathable the fabric in the KALYX Sports Bras is. It’s ultra-lightweight, quick-drying, luxurious-feeling, and uses environmentally-friendly K-FORCE Fabric. It has extra-wide cushioned bra bands to facilitate breathing and provide stabilization. It has ventilated panels to ensure maximum airflow and reduce skin irritation. It’s ideal for women who do yoga, pilates, climbing, walking or just hanging out. It’s available in black, graphic, pacific, snow and wisteria.

KALYX has also just released their new sportswear collection and it’s just in time for the holidays! What woman doesn’t love new clothes as a gift? As a busy mom, I can tell you that I always appreciate new sportswear. It’s both fun and functional and that makes a perfect gift. Unfortunately, KALYX Sports Bras are not currently available.

KALYX Sports Bras Update

In 2012, Kalyx Technologies was acquired by ActivewearUSA. As of February 2018, they do not have any KALYX Bras or KALYX Activewear for sale on their website. The GoKALYX website is no longer up. So, you may be able to find these bras second hand on places like eBay, Mercari, ThredUp, Poshmark, etc. But, if you are looking for a new KALYX bra, I recommend you try a few of these alternatives.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly sports bra like KALYX Sports Bras, this one is made from 91% organic fabrics and 8% spandex. It is made in the USA and is ethically sourced and created. It is available in black, pink, and ivory. I love the simple style and that it is gentle on our resources.

woman wearing a black sports bra

If you want a sports bra that offers great support, check this one out. It offers seamless padded cups with superior support. It offers moisture-wicking and pull over comfort. And, it is perfect for any type of exercise. Pullover sports bras are the easiest types for me to wear. Plus, there are no uncomfortable hooks and eyes as I’m exercising.

Proper fit for yoga

If you need a sports bra that is made specifically for yoga, this one is seamless and contours to your body for the perfect fit. It is wire-free and offers removable pads for the best comfort.  This sports bra is similar to KALYX Sports Bras and comes in a wide variety of different colors and patterns. I love the design of the straps on the back of the sports bra. It is both stylish and functional.

woman wearing a sports bra facing away

Buying the right sports bra

If you’re wondering what to consider when choosing the correct bra to replace KALYX Sports Bras, why not check out my Coobie Seamless Bra review. It’s not as simple as picking a bra that looks good on the mannequin. And, learn how to figure out your bra size and correct fit issues. A properly fitting bra is important for support. Do you know how to choose the best seamless bra for support?

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