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Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Have you ever been confused by all the terms and options available for intimate apparel? Are you a little unsure which type of intimate apparel is best suited for your body type and your age? Shopping for lingerie can be a dream or a nightmare depending on where you shop.

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Fresh Pair offers both everyday underwear and sexy lingerie. Whether you’re looking for full coverage and tummy control from Spanx, a nursing bra from Goddess or something sheer and seductive from Elle Macpherson Intimates, you’ll find it at Fresh Pair. They have all of my favorite top brands including Le Mystere, DKNY and Hanky Panky at very competitive prices. They even offer free shipping in the USA which makes it an even better deal to shop there.


I especially love their site because it’s so easy to shop.  I can search by my favorite designer (like Elle Macpherson Intimates) or search by category (like Push Up Bras). Then you can further refine your selection by color, brand/style or price range. They have a wonderful selection of products ranging from 30AA to 42E so no matter your body shape, you should be able to find something at their site.

If you need a little help with what you’re shopping for, you can click on the “Don’t know your bra size?” button and they will walk you through how to figure out what size bra you need to purchase. They also have a really helpful section called Shop by Age that will give you ideas for what styles will most flatter your body depending on your age. As we mature, our styles and bodies mature and change.  Even at 43, using their recommendations I found a number of glamorous selections to choose from.  I also really appreciate that the Fresh Pair site is tasteful. Some of the intimate apparel sites I’ve shopped are a bit racy. Fresh Pair has managed to show the romance and glamour of their products while still maintaining good taste.

I received two gorgeous sets from Elle Macpherson Intimates who happens to be one of my favorite intimate apparel designers. As always, the quality is exquisite and the style and feel of the fabric makes me feel like a pampered princess even when I’m more like an overworked mom.  Each set was individually wrapped in tissue paper and my order was wrapped and packaged carefully. When you’re shopping for your holiday outfit this Christmas, imagine how wonderful it will feel to pamper yourself with a new bra and panty set from Fresh Pair.

Now through November 14th Fresh Pair will be offering $10 off orders over $60, $20 off orders over $110, and $40 off orders over $200, with the code SHOPEARLY at checkout. Don’t forget they have free shipping too on all orders! See their site for all the details.

My thanks to Fresh Pair for allowing me to review their product.

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