How to Get No Panty Lines

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Most days, you’ll find me in jeans, and panty lines aren’t something you have to worry about with jeans. However, there are days when figuring out how to get no panty lines is more of an issue. 

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There's nothing that says fashion faux pas more than a sexy pair of pants or a super hot sheath dress with panty lines showing through.

How to Get No Panty Lines

Nothing says fashion faux pas more than a sexy pair of pants or a super hot sheath dress with panty lines showing through.

Avoiding panty lines is possible. It just takes a little bit of creativity and planning to achieve the look.  Make sure you have a full-length mirror available to check out the final look.

After all, chances are those panty lines will be visible from the rear, and that’s not something you’ll typically see as you check your look before heading out the door.

a stack of denim pants on a shelf

Wear thicker fabrics

Thicker fabrics (like denim) with texture (like corduroy) have the least probability of showing panty lines. It’s not always possible to choose an outfit with one of these fabrics, but it is the easiest way.

a woman pulling up shapewear

Add shapewear

Wear shapewear. They make shapewear that goes from bust to above the knees, so depending on your outfit, this is an easy solution.

It doesn’t work as well during the hot summer months for me. I love Shapellx. Check them out here.

a woman wearing leggings or tights and black boots

Wear tights

Wear tights under your pants or leggings under your dress. Another layer of fabric will help reduce the chances of panty lines.

This works even better if you choose control top tights or leggings with Lycra.

Slip on a slip

If wearing a dress, wear a slip underneath. I know. No one wears slips any longer, but they work.

Wear a thong

Wear a thong or a g-string. I’m not a fan of these, personally. They aren’t that comfortable. If that’s not an issue, it’s a great option.

underwear hanging on the line outside

Boy shorts

Choose boy shorts. Because boy shorts end slightly below your butt, you’ll have less of a chance of a visible line. These are my favorites.

This is even more true if you choose a pair of boy shorts that is mostly lace because there won’t be an abrupt end to the fabric.

How to Get No Panty Lines

Go bare

Go Commando. That’s right. Leave the panties and foundation garments at home. No panties mean no panty line.

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  1. There are a lot of options when trying to avoid panty lines. I have generally found that when you wear the proper underwear for the outfit that you are wearing you shouldn’t have any issues.

  2. Yeah, nobody wants VPL! lol I have some underwear that doesn’t have any elastic(it’s just sort of stretchy all over) and that works really well, too!


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