How to Get Full Coverage Without Caking

Last Updated on April 13, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Do you know how to get full coverage without caking?  Check out these tips for making your makeup look natural while covering blemishes.

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How to get full coverage without caking

How to Get Full Coverage Without Caking

Have you ever applied your makeup and tried to cover imperfections and ended up with patchy caked on makeup? I have and at that point, all you can do is start over and hope for better results.

Last year, I shared my tips for using an airbrush system with you after having a chance to try the Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System. Now that I’ve had an opportunity to try a few of their new products for the Luminess Air, I wanted to share these extra tips with you.

How to get full coverage without cakingUse less makeup to avoid caking

When using traditional makeup, the more coverage you want, the more product you need to use. That’s what results in caking and leaves you with an artificial, painted on appearance.

I prefer the natural look which is why an airbrush system works so well. One of the benefits of using an airbrush system is that you will receive better coverage using less makeup.

How to get full coverage without caking

Luminess Air

To avoid caking, try these products with your Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System (before foundation – applied to a clean face):

  • Luminess Porcelain – Prime for Flawless Skin – This skin primer helps with balancing skin’s texture and tone for a smoother, longer lasting, nourished and even makeup look. Porcelain is a water-based, colorless primer formulated for all skin types. OIL –FREE; perfect for everyday use.
  • Luminess Air – X Out – Say Bye Bye to those dark circles and tired eyes with ultra-hydrating X Out. This concealer creates a soft-focus effect, illuminating eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a natural, flawless look. Apply before foundation, by lightly spraying under the eye area; blend with fingertips as necessary.
  • Luminess Air – Eraser – One of Luminess’ newest essential products; Eraser instantly erases large pores, redness, blotchy skin, and helps to even out skin tone. Specially formulated for coverage that is lightweight with no cakey buildup allowing you to use less foundation to achieve a full coverage, flawless look. Luminess Eraser is water based and Oil-free; perfect for everyday use.

How to get full coverage without caking

Once you’ve used these products, you will follow with the Luminess Air foundation, blush and eye products. Because the Luminess Air applies product very lightly, you won’t experience caking even when you layer multiple products.

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How to get full coverage without caking

Believe it or not, in this photograph I am wearing the Prime, X Out, Eraser, Foundation 2 and the Tulip Blush. The results look natural while still providing excellent coverage. (Excuse the weird hair, the wind just would not stop blowing.)

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  1. I’m still fascinated by this system and would love to try it in the future. I have a few age spots right along my check bones right now so they’re so easy to cover and I wear little makeup. I hate caking and this would help stop that. I think you look really natural, which is what I’m after. I don’t want to look like I wear makeup. In this heat (usually 70s and 80s) I have a hard time even keeping my sunscreen from sliding down my face!

  2. Extremely interesting. I’ve always used foundation followed by loose powder however, I really like natural appearance in your photos. I know as we age (another birthday just flew by) and we’re supposed to change the way we wear our makeup so I need to reevaluate my makeup bag.

  3. It certainly leaves a very natural looking finish. It seems very easy to use as well. I’m glad you are so happy with it. I just don’t wear make up any longer.

  4. It does look very natural, which I like. I have a huge pimple on my cheek this week so this would be nice to use to cover that up :/ (apparently I am still a teenager, lol, even though I am 29 …).

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