How to Celebrate Being Over 40 With Style

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How do you celebrate being over 40? Do you sigh and resign yourself to more grey hair and a few more wrinkles? Or do you welcome each day no matter what the date on the calendar is? Getting older isn’t without its challenges, but you can’t stop the passing of time. What you can do is celebrate being over 40 with style by treating yourself to products that help you enjoy every aspect of your life from your the challenges to the celebrations. Konenkii is a quarterly subscription box created to help women over 40 celebrate in style. A product was provided for this post, but I truly love this subscription service for women over 40 and highly recommend it.

How to Celebrate Being Over 40 With Style

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How to Celebrate Being Over 40 With Style

Unlike many subscription boxes, Konenkii helps you celebrate the many different parts of your personality. It’s not “just” beauty or “only” food. The quarterly subscription box includes a little bit of everything.  I was so impressed with all of the fun items included in my spring box:

  • Posh Adult Coloring Book: Happy Doodles for Fun & Relaxation: Flora Chang – Just published in time for spring, Flora’s signature style is floral, folk-arty, fresh, and always fun.
  • Colored Pencils – Recommended by the artist herself, this dynamic dozen will jump start your creative spirit. Let your colors fly!
  • Shamballa Bracelet – Color your world with harmony, enlightenment, and compassion. Shamballa is a mythical place where we find our true selves. With the Shamballa bracelet, we wear our personal strength on our wrist to remind us in a symbolic way that we are one.
  • Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub – Looks and smells so good you could eat it! But save it for your outside body. Time to slough off that winter dryness with a scrub, cleanser and moisturizer all in one! The fine sugar gently polishes and softens while the bubbles clean. Great for all skin types.

How to Celebrate Being Over 40 With Style

  • Seattle Chocolate Salted Almond & Milk Chocolate – If you think these truffle bar wrappers are bursting with color, just wait until  you taste what’s inside. Dark chocolate with salted almond and mouth watering milk chocolate in two – count’em – two truffle bars.
  • Spirit of Spring Recipes – My mother always told me to “Eat a rainbow!” Now I know that it was her clever way to have me grow up loving all fruits and vegetables – the more colorful the better. Included are a few spring dishes to help you and yours rock the rainbow.

How to Celebrate Being Over 40 With Style

  • Organic Flower Bombs – This is the kind of F-bomb that’s OK to throw around! These bright balls of wildflower seeds are bee friendly. To spread the job, you just throw and grow!
  • Green Tea Konjac Sponge – Ready for a radiant complexion to match the season? The Konjac sponge is made from the fibers of the Konnyaku tuber. Asian women have been using Konjac for centuries for its moisturizing and exfoliant properties.

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How to Celebrate Being Over 40 With Style

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  1. I love your “older woman” posts and read every one. I’m a bit older and gearing up already to celebrate my birthday at the end of the year. My sis celebrated the age I will be, my retiring from her job of many decades, so I’m not sure how I’ll celebrate mine. I’m still trying to decide if I want to color my hair! I think I want to run a race or something and I’ve been working on my fitness like a banshee, since January. I should look into a subscription box like this for myself.

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