How to Get Rockstar Hair Now with TRESemme

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

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I don’t go out often where I get dressed up and go all out but every now and then it’s important. I recently went on a blog trip to Chicago and had an amazing blow out done at a salon.  The woman who did my blow out was young and modern and at the end of the blow out, I had an entirely different hair style than the one I went in with. I looked more hip and modern and a lot younger (in my opinion). To keep my hair looking its best, I’m following some of the techniques that I saw her use at the salon.

How to Get Rockstar Hair

I love my new hairstyle and decided that I needed to learn how to get rockstar hair myself at home. I clearly can’t get my hair done at the salon each morning before I head out for the day. I needed some practical instruction and affordable products that I could use every day.

Walmart and TRESemmé have teamed up to help women get salon gorgeous hair this VMA season. There are all sorts of styling videos and information on TRESemmé products available at Walmart. TRESemmé invites you to amp up your VMA style with 5 red carpet worthy looks. The pumped up pony, super sleek look, rock ‘n roll waves, or full blown volume will have you shining like a star.

The videos really were helpful because I can see what the hair stylist is doing in each look.  He shows not only the techniques he is using but also the products he is using.  Thankfully, the TRESemmé products are all available from Walmart so it will be easy for anyone to duplicate the looks he’s demonstrating. Watch the styling tutorials to see how you can recreate these hairstyles in a few simple steps using TRESemmé products.

What’s your best tip for how to get rockstar hair?


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  1. Tresemme is my favorite!! My dumb hair up here in the mountains won’t get rock star, but it looks better than with anything else on the market!!

  2. Im not sure my hair is capable of being ‘rockstar’!  I need more time  in the morning to style it…the styling videos would be helpful!

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