Verbena Infusion Body Collection

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Laura Mercier has come out with yet another product that I’ve fallen in love with.  I didn’t think it was possible to love a Laura Mercier scent more than I love Fresh Fig but I just tried the Verbena Infusion and I think I’m in love. It has almost impressed me more than Fresh Fig does! 

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Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion

Laura Mercier Eau Fraiche: Verbena Infusion

The Eau Fraiche: Verbena Infusion is inspired by the countryside of Provence and captures the crisp freshness of Verbena to invigorate the senses. It is described as a “sparkling bouquet of green citrus and leafy spearmint infused beautifully with petals of fresh blossoms and a touch of white amber and cedarwood.”

Laura Mercier eau de Toilette Verbena Infusion

The Collection includes:

  • Verbena Infusion Dry Oil Body Mist
  • Verbena Infusion Gel Body Scrub
  • Verbena Infusion Gel Body Moisture
  • Verbena Infusion Crème Body Cleanse
  • Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette

I received the (affiliate) Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette and was impressed with the hint of lemon verbena infused with a traditional Laura Mercier fragrance.   When I first used it, the top note I most noticed was the lemon along with a touch of cedarwood.  

After dry down, the spearmint really started to come through and there was a slight fade of the cedarwood. I really think I enjoyed the scent even more after it dried down because the combination of lemon verbena and spearmint is just yummy.

Laura Mercier eau de Toilette Verbena Infusion

I love when Laura Mercier releases collections with the same scent because it makes them perfect for layering.  I don’t like using scented products that clash with my perfume so having an entire collection of products with the same scent is just perfect.

I’ll definitely be picking up other Laura Mercier products in this collection so I can wear more than one at the same time.  I’m particularly intrigued by the Dry Oil Body Mist. The  Verbena Infusion products were released (in part) in April of 2014 with the mist and scrub released in August of 2014.  They are now all available in fine retailers like Macy’s or find them on Amazon.

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