Rusk Paste Define & Separate

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Have you tried Rusk Paste? There are days I dream about being able to just wash my hair and towel it dry and leave the house for the day. If you have fine, thin hair as I do, you’ll probably understand how impossible this is if you want your hair to look even remotely presentable that day. My hair needs a lot of care and urging to look good each day and that includes a variety of styling products.

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Rusk Paste Define & Separate

I have tried several Rusk products in the past but this is one that I haven’t had a chance to use yet.  Rusk Paste has a fibrous, web-like texture that allows you to manipulate your hair into any desired shape. The stretchable fibers let you reshape your hair throughout the day. It leaves your hair pliable enough so that you can form, lift, separate and define it. It is perfect for those who style their hair into a textured look or that like to change the style throughout the day. Here are a few tips to give your hair more body.

To use this, you simply apply a very small amount in the palm of your hair and work it into damp or dry hair. Since I was using the Rusk Paste to give me lift more than to allow me to create different shapes with my hair, I applied it to damp hair and then blow-dried my hair as normal.  The Rusk Paste is on the thick side so massage it into your hair well.

Rusk Paste Define & Separate

Rusk Paste review

It worked wonderfully to give my hair the added lift it needed and really did last just about all day.  You only need a very, very small amount of the Rusk Paste to see results. I have shoulder length, then hair and I used a pea-sized amount of this product. I would definitely not recommend using more than that if your hair is similar to mine.

For someone with longer and thicker hair, I would say that Rusk Paste has a medium hold. You can adjust the amount that you used based on how thick your hair is. Start on the small side and then add more until you can achieve the look you want.

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For those that are wondering, it’s very easy to wash the Rusk Paste out of your hair the next day. That said if you don’t wash your hair every day, you probably won’t want to add more of this to your hair the second day. It doesn’t work as well and won’t give you the look you want. Wash your hair and start over on the second day for the best possible look.

Rusk Putty 

So, if you’re wondering what the difference is between the paste and the Rusk Putty, Rusk Putty provides a firm hold. It comes in a small round tin and will give you the ability the create more extreme differences in your hairstyle. The firm hold allows for more sculpting than the Rusk Paste does. It contains a unique blend of hydrolyzed quinoa, silk amino acids, and hydrolyzed Keratin to defend, protect & strengthen hair.

Rusk Paste Define & Separate

Where to find this

The standard size tube for Rusk Paste is 4 ounces. Now, I have heard of Rusk Paste 1.50 oz tubes being out there somewhere. But, I have not yet found them in my stores. I’ve heard that some of the larger Walmarts carry this size. It’s the perfect size for airplane travel. So, you might want to check there if you plan on getting a TSA approved size of Rusk Paste.

This really is a great value as the full-size tube can be purchased for about $14 (4 oz). And, it will last a long time since you only use a little bit at a time. It can be purchased from Amazon and other beauty stores. You can find Rusk Paste at Walmart as well.

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