Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection

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Check out the Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection! Have you seen the new Essie Nail Polish Colors? I love the latest September nail polish colors.

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Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection

Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection

I love doing my nails and I change my color several times a week to go with my outfit, my shoes, or my mood. When I do my nails, I want to be able to find just the color I’m searching for. And, the Essie Nail Polish fall collection is just what I’m looking for.

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I hate being limited in my choices. I don’t have to worry about that with Essie because they offer over 300 different shades of nail polishes. Essie nail polishes are available in over 250,000 spas and salons in 95 countries. I know they have just the color I want.

Essie was chosen as best nail polish award winner in 2010. They have been featured in O, Self, Fitness, In Style, and Allure magazines.  I have absolutely fallen in love with their Fall Collection featuring all the latest fall colors.

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What are the nail polish colors for fall?

Fall colors are inspired by nature so think changing leaves, warm cups of hot chocolate, and crisp red apples. They go wonderfully with cable knit sweaters, warm furry boots, and your favorite mittens. Check out the fall collection here.

Is Essie Nail Polish good for your nails?

Not only is their nail polish durable, but it’s good for your nails as well. All of their nail polishes are free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde which are horrible for your nails.

How long does Essie Nail Polish take to dry?

If you’re considering the Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection, keep in mind that polishes from Essie take about 15 minutes to dry completely. They are not quick drying. But, they do wear well.

Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection

Essie Nail Polish review

I’m very impressed with the quality of Essie nail polishes.  They go on thick and smooth for a glossy polished look. And, they wore very well and even after several days, I saw no chips.  I use my hands a lot during the day so this really impressed me.  Finally, I love the huge range of colors. 

So, I can do something funky like their Aruba blue, something soft and sweet like their sugar daddy or something classic like their little brown dress.  No matter what my mood, Essie’s got me (and my nails) covered!

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My favorite nail polish colors

So, you can check out a few of my favorite colors for fall.

Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection

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  2. I love fall colors – hadn’t heard of this brand, will have to check it out! I so wish I could pull off the blue polish thang but I’m just too old and not that cool 😛

    making my way over from the blog hop!

  3. 0o I love these colors! The thing I hate most about other nail polishes is that it goes on so thin you have to put on 5 coats just to make it nice, but all those layers just smudge easier because they won’t dry. I would love to try these sometime!


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