Engraved Couples Jewelry

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Engraved couples jewelry can make a wonderful gift for couples whether that’s a boyfriend/girlfriend, someone who is recently engaged, or newlyweds. 

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Engraved Couples Jewelry from Messages in Metal

Engraved Couples Jewelry

Since my daughter and her fiance are getting married next October, I thought matching jewelry for boyfriend and girlfriend would be a fun gift idea.

Of course, there are many different types of engraved couples jewelry. If you’re searching for couples jewelry ideas, you can pick bracelets, necklaces, and even keychains. A lot will depend on the recipient’s preferences.

Since my daughter has a hands-on type of job, I knew that a bracelet might not be a great idea for her. Instead, I searched for couples name necklaces. This is what I found.

I received a gorgeous couple love pendant from Messages in Metal that has my daughter’s and her boyfriend’s name on it along with a Swarovski heart.

All of their jewelry is made in their Montana facility. For me, this is one of the things that makes them stand out from the competition. Their jewelry is gorgeous and it’s also affordable.

You can find dog tags, infinity necklaces, birthstone necklaces, and even keychains. Your personalized jewelry can be engraved with your name, a saying, hashtags, or an initial.

Of course, you’re not just limited to engraved couples jewelry. You can find birthstone jewelry for moms, family name necklaces, and my state personalized necklaces.

Engraved Couples Jewelry from Messages in Metal

My thoughts:

The necklace I received is made from anti-tarnish .925 sterling silver which means that unlike those cheap necklaces you buy from overseas, this one won’t tarnish.

It comes with an 18″high-quality matching chain PLUS a 3″ extension which means the length can be adjusted depending on what my daughter wears.

And, it comes packaged in a jewelers’ gift box, not a cheap plastic bag. This is a beautiful gift idea if you need personalized necklaces for couples.

Engraved Couples Jewelry from Messages in Metal

If you’re looking for other couple jewelry ideas, check out their antique silver name necklace and their gold name tag necklace. Either of these engraved necklaces would make stunning gifts this year.

Learn more about how to organize your jewelry. And, here’s some of my top selling jewelry on Etsy.

Finally, have you considered a bracelet for mom with birthstones? Or maybe friendship bracelets for 3?

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