Organize Your Jewelry to Prevent Tangles

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Keep reading for some ideas on how to organize your jewelry to prevent tangles. I love jewelry and have written about my love of fashion jewelry several times.

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How to Organize Your Jewelry to Prevent Tangles

How to Organize Your Jewelry

Lately, I’ve been enjoying vintage jewelry that I’ve found at thrift stores, and I’ve seen quite a few that are tangled beyond repair.

Most women have a variety of different types of jewelry including rings, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. We probably even have brooches, earrings, watches, and a variety of other types of jewelry here and there. If you only have one or two pieces, storing them in a jewelry box works well. However, if you have more than that, it’s easy to get them tangled together if you’re not careful.

In most cases, it makes the most sense to organize your jewelry by type. You can keep all of the rings together. Slide the bracelets onto one rod. Hang the necklaces from hooks that are placed near each other. Clip the earrings on an earring tree.

How to organize your jewelry to prevent tangles

Tips to prevent tangled jewelry

Organizing jewelry efficiently can prevent unwanted tangles and save you time. Here are ten simple tips to consider.

  1. Use a jewelry box with compartments to separate different types of jewelry.
  2. Try hanging necklaces vertically on hooks to prevent tangling.
  3. Implement ring dishes or holders for your rings to prevent them from rolling away.
  4. Use pill organizers for small earrings or other tiny pieces.
  5. Store similar items together – keep bracelets with bracelets, earrings with earrings, etc.
  6. Consider using a jewelry tree for frequently worn items for easy access.
  7. For travel, consider a jewelry roll or special travel case to prevent tangles on the go.
  8. Regularly untangle and sort through your jewelry to maintain organization.
  9. If possible, store chain necklaces clasped to reduce the chances of tangling.
  10. Lastly, think about investing in a wall-mounted organizer if you have a large collection; it can save space and add a decorative touch

jewelry box with jewelry in it

How to organize jewelry in a drawer

So, I’m not big on clutter and one of the ways to keep jewelry clutter to a minimum is by organizing your jewelry in a drawer. Simply separate everything by type and store each in its own organizer.

I’ve seemed some cute DIY jewelry storage ideas where people make organizers from teacups that are placed in a large drawer. I love this in theory. But, it still manages to take up quite a bit of room I could have used for clothes.

Find out what to do with old jewelry.

red jewelry box

Organizing with a jewelry armoire

The word armoire means a wardrobe or moveable cabinet. While people often use them for clothing, there are jewelry armoires you can use to store and organize your jewelry.

There are many different styles of jewelry armoires that range in size from one that can sit on your dress to one that stands on the floor and has a mirror and chair. If space is at a premium in your home, or you simply don’t want one more than to vacuum or dust around, you might want to consider a door-mount jewelry armoire.

A door mount jewelry armoire has all of the benefits of a traditional armoire as far as space and organizing. But, because it’s mounted on the door, it doesn’t take up room on your dresser or in the corner of your room. An added plus is that there is a full-length door mirror on the front so you can see how you look when you get dressed.

How to organize your jewelry to prevent tangles

So, to give you an idea of the storage capacity, this jewelry armoire can hold:

  • Over 36 necklaces
  • 48 Earrings! (all earrings including hanging, studs, hoops, and clip)
  • 96 Rings!! 12 Compartments to hold watches, bracelets and more

If you’re wondering how to organize your jewelry to prevent tangles, a jewelry armoire is the best choice. Each necklace will hang on its own hook and with the door of the armoire closed, they will be protected and safe until you need them next.

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