Affordable Stylish Umbrella

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Looking put together in the rain will be much easier with this affordable stylish umbrella. Juggling a bag, keys and your latte is difficult enough without adding an umbrella into the mix. The last thing I want to do is drop something I need in a puddle on the way to work.

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Affordable Stylish Umbrella with a Lifetime Warranty

Affordable Stylish Umbrella

The UnbelievaBrella™ is an inside-out umbrella from Shed Rain that keeps the rain away and features a rubber-coated C-shaped handle for hands-free use. That means you can get out of your car and stay dry without having to hold onto the umbrella. Worry about your bag and accessories and the C-shaped handle hooks on your arm to keep you dry.

Here’s a bit more about this affordable stylish umbrella from Shed Rain:

  • 48″ canopy arc, manual stick
  • Closed length 33″
  • Durable steel shaft and fiberglass ribs
  • Rubber-coated C-shaped hands-free handle
  • Easy to get in and out of your car without getting wet

Affordable Stylish Umbrella with a Lifetime Warranty

It’s available in a variety of colors including classic black, hot pink, ocean blue, prom dress, and sour apple. I love that there are styles that are unisex as well as more feminine and unique. I generally opt for classic black since it goes with so many things, but if you’re someone who wants to stand out in a crowd, opt for the hot pink or sour apple instead. If you’re looking for stylish umbrellas, the UnbelievaBrella™ is a must-have.

ShedRain e-Motion from ShedRain on Vimeo.

Check out how unique this umbrella is by watching the video above. No worries about the wind grabbing your umbrella and destroying it with this stylish umbrella. Plus,
it utilizes a unique reverse open and close system, so the water stays away from you by funneling into the umbrella when it’s closed.

You can find this umbrella and other cute umbrellas from Shed Rain on Amazon and at stores like Target. This is the perfect gift for stylish women everywhere.

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