How to Feel Sexy and Feminine

Last Updated on April 9, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Wondering how to feel sexy and feminine? Check out a few of these ideas. Many women wear multiple hats during the day. I go from self-employed business owner to wife to employee to chief cook and bottle washer all in the span of a few hours. It’s no wonder that most of the time I feel tired rather than sexy and feminine.

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How to Feel Sexy and Feminine All the Way To Your Toes

How to Feel Sexy and Feminine

As busy, we sometimes put ourselves last when it comes to feeling good and looking good.  It’s so easy to do when there are so many other people who need us and our time.  As women, it’s important that we feel good about who we are so we can put our best foot forward when we interact with the other people in our lives.

How to feel desirable

Part of feeling sexy is feeling desirable and that can be a challenge at the end of a long day. In many cases, I know that I’m more critical of how I look than my husband ever is. Stop looking for perfection when you look at yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself as you are.

How to Feel Sexy and Feminine All the Way To Your Toes

How to feel attractive again

I feel more attractive when I pamper myself and reward myself with little luxuries. Sometimes that means a relaxing bath with these rose petal bath salts. Other times it’s a mini box of Godiva chocolates. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, a pretty dress or get your hair done.

How to feel attractive when overweight

Over the past year or so, I have managed to gain about five pounds that will not go away. No, it’s not a lot of weight. But, that weight combined with menopause can make feeling attractive a challenge. Accept yourself as you are and work to make healthier choices. Choose clothes that support your body and fit properly. Wearing baggy clothes that don’t fit is one of the worst things you can do.

How to Feel Sexy and Feminine All the Way To Your Toes

How to feel sexier all the time

I’m not sure it’s possible to feel sexier all the time. We all have our moments when we’re stressed or don’t feel well or when we question ourselves and our appearance. Try making a list of everything you love about yourself. Buy some sexy underwear and wear it – even if you just have on jeans and a t-shirt. Wear it for yourself, not for anyone else.

There are times I don’t feel desirable, and I imagine that I”m not alone in this. But, by taking time to focus on yourself each day, you can start to feel sexy and feminine more often.