Color Safe Hairspray

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Looking for color safe hair spray? Check out my favorite brand of safe hairspray for hair that has been dyed or highlighted.

Color Safe Hair Spray

Color Safe Hairspray

Years ago, a few months after the birth of my first child (my daughter), I found my first grey hair. I was not impressed.  At 26, I really wasn’t expecting to have to deal with grey hair.   In the beginning, I pulled the grey hairs as I found them.  There were only a few of them so it was relatively easy. Unfortunately, as I got older, I found more and more of them. 

Not only is grey hair a different color, it is a different texture.  Mine always seemed to stick straight up away from the rest of my hair in the most awkward way.  At that point, I decided it was time to highlight my hair. Highlighting helped to cover up the grey hair so that it wasn’t as obvious.

Of course, when you color or highlight your hair, you must be very careful what hair products use.  Not all hair products are color safe and some will strip the color from your hair faster than others.  Having your hair highlighted is expensive and I don’t want to have it done any more often than necessary.

About the product

I recently learned about a color safe hairspray called Healing Style Dramatic F/X by Lanza. Lanza Healing Style products are all formulated with the latest technology and natural ingredients to help you create and maintain the latest hair fashions while keeping hair healthy and beautiful.

Dramatic FX has super hold and shine. It has a fine, dry aerosol mist and is environmentally safe. The Healing Style Dramatic F/X by Lanza has all day memory hold, a keratin healing system, thermal guard and UVA/UVB protection.

Color Safe Hairspray

I love that this color safe hairspray has keratin to help heal my hair.  I use heat and styling products on it daily and I know it can definitely use a bit of pampering. And, I got great hold out of the Healing Style Dramatic F/X by Lanza, even on a very humid day.

Get your own right here.

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  1. I learned that the color preservers provide longer lasting hair color. So not only is this color-safe, but it seems that it can also help extend the life of your coloring job! That is something I definitely need.

  2. I learned that Healing Style also protects from UVA and UVB rays, I’ve never used haircare that protected from the sun before!


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