50+ Chocolate Beauty Products to Make at Home

What better way to pamper yourself than with a few chocolate beauty products. You can buy them at the store, of course, but it’s so much more fun to make them at home. Feel free to pamper yourself or give them as gifts to friends and family.  I know that both my Mom and my sister enjoy homemade beauty gifts, and I’d guess that many of your friends do as well. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

50+ Chocolate Beauty Products to Make at Home

50+ Chocolate Beauty Products to Make at Home

So, what do I mean by beauty products? Really, it can be anything that helps you look and feel more beautiful including lotions, scrubs, bath salts or even cosmetics. What could be more relaxing than pampering yourself with something like chocolate? Here are just a few chocolate beauty products to get started:

  1. Chocolate Milk Bath
  2. Whipped Chocolate Body Butter
  3. Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs
  4. Chocolate Mint Sugar Scrub
  5. Chocolate Honey Lip Scrub
  6. Warm Cocoa Bath Soak
  7. Chocolate Peppermint Bath Bomb
  8. Whipped Chocolate Body Butter
  9. Chocolate Body Butter
  10. Chocolate Mint Lip Balm
  11. White Chocolate Milk Bath
  12. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sugar Scrub
  13. Chocolate Sugar Scrub
  14. White Chocolate Lotion Bar
  15. Chocolate Hazelnut Sugar Scrub
  16. Orange Chocolate Lip Balm
  17. White Chocolate Body Butter
  18. Valentine Truffle Bath Melts
  19. White Chocolate Bath Melts
  20. Edible Chocolate Face Mask
  21. Chocolate Chip Lip Balm
  22. Godiva Dark Chocolate Lip Scrub
  23. Chocolate Massage Lotion
  24. White Chocolate Orange Body Butter
  25. Milk Chocolate Mint Soap
  26. Whipped Mocha Body Frosting
  27. Chocolate & Clay Face Mask
  28. Chocolate Peppermint Chapstick
  29. Mexican Chocolate Body Butter
  30. Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub
  31. Chocolate Lip Balms with Cocoa Powder
  32. Chocolate Cake Body Scrub Kit
  33. Chocolate Lip Butter
  34. Dark Chocolate Honey Mask
  35. Chocolate Sugar Scrub Cubes
  36. Chocolate Lovers Bath Salts
  37. Peppermint Hot Cocoa Lip Balm
  38. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Face Mask
  39. Self Tanning Lotion with Cocoa
  40. Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder
  41. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Lotion
  42. Chocolate Honey Cake Mask
  43. Mocha Soap Recipe
  44. Mint Chocolate Lip Gloss
  45. Chocolate Toothpaste
  46. Chocolate Cupcake Lip Balm
  47. Homemade Bronzer
  48. Cherry Chocolate Face Mask
  49. Argan Oil Chocolate Mask
  50. Cocoa Peppermint Whipped Cream Soap
  51. Chocolate Bath Salts

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  1. Oh boy! Too much chocolate goodness here and will have to pin these to enjoy later. I love DIY gifts and just in time for Valentine’s Day too. Thanks!

  2. The word “chocolate” caught my eye here. Sounds great!

  3. I hadn’t ever thought to use chocolate to make my own beauty products at home.

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