Calcium Benefits for Skin

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Wondering about the calcium benefits for skin and beauty? Learn more about why calcium is important for the way you look and feel.

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Calcium beauty benefits


Calcium Beauty Benefits

Did you know that that there are calcium beauty benefits? I know, when you’re standing in front of the mirror putting on your makeup in the morning, reaching for calcium supplements isn’t the first thing that pops into your head.

I tend to go for cover up and mascara personally but getting enough calcium in your diet really does have beauty benefits. 

Calcium has benefits to our bones, teeth, and our skin.  Did you know that most of the calcium that’s found in our bodies is found in our skin? Too little calcium in your diet can have an impact on your appearance.

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New skin growth

Calcium helps to regulate how quickly new skin growth occurs. If you’re lacking in calcium, your skin may look fragile and thin.

The thinner your skin is, the more prone it is to wrinkles. The National Cancer Institute has also stated that the proper amount of calcium in your skin may help prevent cancer.

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Protective barrier

Calcium also helps regulate the protective lipid barrier in your skin. If you’re thinking “Huh?,” I’ll explain. Lipids are also known as fats.

But they aren’t just fats, they also include fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins A, D, E and K.  There is a waterproof barrier on the top of your skin called a lipid barrier.  

This barrier helps reduce the loss of water from your skin.  We need to continually bring in more lipids to regenerate that waterproof barrier to prevent dry skin.

How to look like you have fuller lips

Bones and teeth

When your body doesn’t have enough calcium, it pulls it from your bones and teeth. That makes your bones both dry and brittle.

Think about a beautiful smile and you’ll see why healthy teeth are important to your appearance.

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Healthy hair growth

Calcium is also important for healthy hair growth and according to the Mayo Clinic a lack of a proper healthy diet can result in hair loss.

Studies show that 81% of women do not get enough calcium from food alone. Caltrate® provides both calcium and vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption and promote bone health.

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  1. These look cute as a button–my first thought, but I know how important calcium is. I take my calcium with my magnesium every day. My mom has osteoporosis so I take precautions. I like the chewy calcium squares too.

  2. I had no idea that we had more calcium in our bodies than any other. Amazing! I do take a supplement every day so I am glad to know that it has other benefits.!


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