Achieve Straight, Flawless Hair at Home

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Wondering how to achieve flawless hair at home. Check out these tips to get salon style at home every single time.

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How to Achieve Straight, Flawless Hair at Home

Get Flawless Hair at Home

Have you ever gone to the salon for a cut and style and fallen in love with what they do to your hair but not been able to achieve the same thing yourself? It seems like it happens to me every time I have my hair done.

Of course, some of it is skill. They do this every single day. But, some of it is the products and the tools they use. 

I may have mentioned that my son and his fiance have moved back home. They’re trying to save for their own place so I’ve been passing on a few of my frugal fashion and beauty tips to help them save.

It can get expensive to head to the salon every time you want a special look. Since the girls both have long hair, the only reason they really need to go to the salon is to have a trim or for a special look for an event.

Eliminate Dead Ends

Dead hair will never look attractive. You can either trim dead ends yourself at home or make one trip to the salon to have it taken care of for you.

Any dry, brittle ends should be cut and it will probably amount to an inch or two of hair depending on the last time you had it done.


The key to flawless hair at home is keeping your hair moisturized. You may not need to use a conditioner every day, but you should do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

You can use a leave-in conditioner or one that you rinse out. I recommend a hot oil treatment at least once a month to help with frizz and improve shine.

How to Achieve Straight, Flawless Hair at Home

Sun Protection

Yes, your hair can be damaged by the sun the same way your skin can. Look for shampoo or styling products with an SPF in them during the summer months.

Don’t forget that your scalp can burn as well if you have thin hair. Can’t find SPF hair products? Try a broad-brimmed hat.

Use Quality Hair Tools

When you choose your hair tools – whether that’s a blow dryer, hair straightener or a crimping iron, make sure that you purchase a high-quality hair tool.

The tools they use in the salon are created to cause the least damage possible to your hair.

How to Achieve Straight, Flawless Hair at Home

Here are a few of my top picks:

  • Gold ‘N Hot Professional 1875 Watt Ionic Ultra-Lightweight Dryer with Tourmaline ($39.99, This ultra-light dryer outputs tens-of-thousands of negative ions to dry hair faster with less damage resulting in healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. Tourmaline conditioning emits negative ions heat to reduce static frizz and seal in moisture. With 2 Speeds and 6 heat settings, you can achieve any hair style.
  • Gold ‘N Hot 1” Ceramic Crimping Iron ($36.00, Who would’ve thought crimpers were still cool? It’s hairstylist’s best kept secret to achieve volume. Separate the hair and use the crimper on the under pieces. Hold at root and see an instant lift. Gold ‘N Hot’s easy to use crimping iron has ceramic plates with seal-in conditioning that leaves you with silky-soft hair. With a quick 60 second heat-up, you’re almost ready to rock.
  • Gold ‘N Hot 1″ Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron ($39.99, : This iron’s ceramic floating plates are made to eliminate gaps between plates and create the ultimate polished look. With a quick 60-second heat-up and easy access controls, your styling time is cut down. Ceramic plates distribute heat evenly for fast styling and seal in moisture leaving your hair shiny, silky-soft, frizz-free

Do you have any other suggestions for flawless hair at home? Check out their full line here.

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  1. I wear hats all the time with my thin hair. I make sure to tuck in my hair too so it’s not exposed to the sun. I braid my hair loosely when I sleep or when I’m around the house so it doesn’t get everywhere but it helps with tangles too. I totally agree with the regular trimming yourself. Investing in a good pair of scissors really helps.


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