Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches

Last Updated on November 6, 2022 by Ellen Christian

I’m loving all this warmer weather we’re having and I’m celebrating with some pastel nail polish! I love soft pastel colors but they don’t make a lot of sense for me during the colder months when my clothes tend to be more jewel toned. You can see from these Zoya Satin 2015 swatches that their new collection is perfect for spring.

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Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches - Brittany

Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches

The Naturel Satins collection from Zoya contains six shades of polish that are described as a satin finish. They go on glossy and then dry down to a satin or matte finish. I’d describe it as a semi-matte finish. Not totally matte but definitely close. The shades in this collection are meant to transition you from winter to spring and include:

  • Leah (ZP782) – A lavender tinged taupe cream

Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches - Rowan

  • Rowan (ZP779) – A suede taupe cream
  • Sage (ZP781) – A mossy sage green cream

Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches - Tove

  • Tove (ZP778) – A misty slate grey cream
  • Brittany (ZP780) – A rose mauve cream

Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches - Ana

  • Ana (ZP783) – A light toasted almond cream

I did notice that a few of these shades went on a bit streaky. I would definitely recommend that you use two coats to get a nice even finish. I used two coats on all of the photos here and I think the end result is good.

Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches - Leah

I really love the satin finish on the polishes in this collection. You can see from the Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches that it’s a bit more understated than the traditional high gloss while still offering a tiny bit of shine. I love polishes that aren’t super obvious and this finish is definitely one of my favorites.

Zoya Satin 2015 Swatches - Sage

It was hard to choose a favorite color in this collection. I think I really liked Rowan and Sage the best out of all the colors shown.

Have you tried any of the shades in the Zoya Satin 2015 collection?

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  1. These looks good, I like the nice neutral colors, especially the Ana. I find that Zoya polish the longest lasting, but I own mostly their metallic finish polishes. I should branch out and try a Satin finish!


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