The Nakeds Palette by Victoria’s Secret

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I was given The Nakeds Palette by Victoria’s Secret a while ago. I really don’t use it all that much but I decided I should do a review of it to share it all with you. Our local Victoria’s Secret no longer carries makeup except for lipgloss but you may be able to find it at a larger store or online.

The Nakeds Palette by Victoria's Secret

The Nakeds Palette by Victoria’s Secret

The Nakeds Palette by Victoria’s Secret came out in 2012 for about $28. It has ten shimmery eyeshadow colors, a brush and an eyeliner- which I have long since lost. The Nakeds Palette by Victoria’s Secret is supposed to give you “sexy natural eyes” and sort of has the result of a smokey eye. The colors included are:

  • Barely Pink
  • Copper Sand
  • Graystone
  • Brown Sable
  • Sparkling Black
  • Warm Vanilla
  • Tawny Pink
  • Smoky Lilac
  • Sparkling Brown
  • Charcoal Black

There is a card included that shows you how to get a Barely Naked or Seductively Naked look. For my pale complexion, the Barely Naked look is the best choice.

The presentation of the palette itself is beautiful. I love the “metal” look of the case and the fact that it has a magnetized flap to keep it closed securely. The shades all go together well and blend easily so it’s very easy to use.  The colors lasted well. They weren’t super long lasting but certainly did the job well enough. A few of the colors were so light that they almost didn’t show up.

The Nakeds Palette by Victoria's Secret

My only complaint is that the colors of the shadow are on a little plastic card but nowhere else on the palette. So, if you lose the little card, you will never know what the name of the shadows are. I really like knowing what they’re called so I prefer when brands put the names on the actual palette.

The eyeliner worked well enough although black isn’t my favorite color for liner. The brush, however, really was fairly useless. The bristles fell out and it wasn’t firm enough to really use well for blending.

I thought the $28 price tag was a little high for what was included but it’s a nice basic, neutral smokey eye palette for someone who doesn’t already have one.

Have you tried this palette?

The Nakeds Palette by Victoria's Secret

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