How to Define Your Brows

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Not taken care of, my eyebrows resemble caterpillars. I’m not kidding. I have no idea who I inherited them from but I don’t enjoy them.  When you look at models and celebrities, their eyebrows are chiseled for the perfect frame to their eyes. They’re gorgeous and add to their appearance. Even if your eyebrows need attention like mine, you can learn how to define your brows to get that chiseled look.

How to define your brows

How to Define Your Brows

Everyone’s eyebrows are unique. Don’t try to force yours into a shape that isn’t natural for your appearance. Right now, a full, natural brow is very in. There should be a slight lift at the arch and the brow should be as long as possible.

  • Prepare your brow by brushing in the direction of the growth and plucking any stray hairs. Don’t tweeze above the brow or at the ends as that can change the way your brows are intended to frame your face naturally.
  • If your brows have been over tweezed and there’s no time to wait for them to grow back in, you can give them a fuller appearance using pencils and powders to shape and sculpt your eyebrows.
  • Start with clean, dry brows. Place a pencil at the side of your nose. Where the pencil lines up is where your brow should start.
  • Angle the pencil from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This should be a 45 degree angle and will show you where your brow should end.
  • Brush your bows up. Using a pencil that matches the natural color of your brows, fill in any sparse sections with short strokes to look like your natural eyebrows.
  • Stop part way through to evaluate and blend the strokes slightly so they look more natural.
  • Using an angled brush, press on powder to further define the shape of your brows. The goal is to make it even without looking harsh and unnatural.
  • Brush the brows again to blend.
  • To set the brows, brush on gel or use a wax pencil to tame any stray hairs.
  • Perfectly defined brows will help define your face and your eyes even without added makeup.

I am far from an expert when it comes to using products to define my brows. I chose products from Eylure London because they’re easy to use and affordable. They have brow crayons, brow palettes and brow tame and define wax. If you want to experiment with false eyelashes, you can find their lash kits as well. Eylure products can be found in a variety of stores including Target, Kohl’s and ULTA. The brow products are only available at Ulta stores and

How to define your brows


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  1. These are great tips.  I have big, thick eye brows that I need to pluck almost daily to keep tame.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial. My eyebrows are really thin, and I’ve never been able to successfully beef them up. 

  3. This is very helpful!  I have a hard time getting my eyebrows just right so this helps a lot.  I know the more I practice, the better my brows will start looking.

  4. I have never worried about my brows but your steps are fool-proof.  I’ll definitely keep this post in mind should I ever get out of my mommy jeans and need to actually do something with my brows!

  5. Thankfully, I have full and thick eyebrows. I actually hate the upkeep I have to do bi-weekly because they get bushy!

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