Stila Cosmetics Living the Life in Laguna

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

I have quite a few palettes from Stila Cosmetics so I thought I would review a few for you starting with Living the Life in Laguna. Living the Life in Laguna is a limited edition palette that came out a few years ago. I don’t recall the exact date but it’s at least been three years since it was released.

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Stila Cosmetics Living the Life in Laguna

Stila Cosmetics Living the Life in Laguna

This is a small palette that measures about 3″x5″. It has 4 eye shadows, a blush and a bronzer. It’s marketed as a collectible beach palette so think summer bronzes and tan colors.  The palette also contains a small mirror and directions for applying the shades included. My palette isn’t new since I’ve had it for a few years but you can see the colors from the photographs.

The eye shadows are Sand Dollar, Sunset, Cove and Bonfire. The blush is Seashell and the bronzer is Pacific Coast Highway.  The colors on the back of the palette don’t really match the actual colors included in the palette all that well. On the back, Sand Dollar looks almost off white but it’s really more of a pink. Sunset looks like a brown but is really more of a rust. Cove and Bonfire are fairly accurate. Seashell (the blush) looks more pink on the cover than it really is. It’s actually much more of a pinkish lilac to me.

Stila Cosmetics Living the Life in Laguna

That said, these colors work well for those that get tanned in the summer. I tend to stay white year round unless I burn and then peel.  I love the the Sand Dollar shade and I use Cove in my crease as an accent but the other eye shadow colors I just cannot pull off with my pale complexion. The Seashell works as a nice blush for me but the Pacific Coast Highway is too orange for my skin even as a bronzer.

I do love the cute illustration on the cover and that’s the main reason I picked it up. It’s a fun palette, just not necessarily the right choice for me. Since it’s limited edition, I’m not sure it’s something you can still purchase although you can probably find it on eBay.

Stila Cosmetics Living the Life in Laguna

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  1. I’ve never actually tried Stila make-up, but have really wanted to for a while. I’ve been having a look at their palettes recently and just don’t know which one to try first! I really look forward to seeing more posts on your other palettes too 🙂

    Great post,
    Charlotte xx

  2. I always see Stila cosmetics when I’m checking out at Ulta but haven’t tried it.  I thought those shades would look great with your coloring, Ellen!  I have darker skin tone so these shades might be too light for me.

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