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I have a few friends that are as into makeup as I am. A few of them apply makeup to others as a career choice. We were recently chatting about the different makeup we had in our collections and one of them asked me if I had considered becoming a makeup artist. My response was that I was not a makeup artist (and didn’t want to become one). I was just collecting makeup.

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Not a Makeup Artist | Just Collecting Makeup

Not a Makeup Artist | Just Collecting Makeup

Collecting makeup may seem like an odd hobby but like any collectible, makeup comes in many different brands and styles. People collect makeup for a number of reasons. Some people want all of the available product from a certain brand – like MAC or Tokidoki. Some people collect all of a certain type of makeup – like all the red lipstick. Some only want limited edition makeup with high resale values.

My makeup collection is rather eclectic. I like cute. Cute can range from a $5 Maybelline Baby Lips to a $45 Hello Kitty eye shadow palette. I’m partial to kawaii – which is Japenese for cute – so I have a definite passion for brands like Hello Kitty, Tokidoki and Etude House. Since those brands are really hard to find here in rural Vermont, most of my makeup collecting is done online.

So, what defines cute? Cute can be the color like a sparkly pink eyeshadow. Cute can be the shape of the containers like my favorite Hello Kitty compact. Cute can be design on the packaging like my Tokidoki Lip Gloss. Cute can even be the box like the MAC Simpsons collection I’m currently obsessing over. When that’s the case, I generally don’t remove the makeup from the box itself and yes, I do have makeup I’ve never used before. There are times the colors just don’t suit me but the product itself is just too cute to pass up.

If you’re considering collecting makeup, my first recommendation would be to decide what type of makeup you want to collect and then stick to that. It can be so tempting to just buy everything out there but that quickly becomes clutter rather than collecting. Once you’ve decided what you’ll be collecting, start collecting – slowly – and keep an eye on the price. Make sure you check the price in a variety of locations so you aren’t taken advantage of. Once you have a few different items, make sure that you take care of them. A gorgeous eye shadow palette that’s been dropped on the floor is relatively worthless. Keep it clean and if you’ll be using it regularly, keep it sanitized.

So, no, I’m not a makeup artist. I’m just collecting makeup. Any other makeup collectors out there?

Not a Makeup Artist | Just Collecting Makeup

6 thoughts on “Just Collecting Makeup”

  1. Didn’t know there are makeup collectors! I’m into Kawa in stuff, too! Only knew of the word recently but have always been into that since I was a kid! 
    Now that my husband and I are starting a church here in the Bahamas, I feel all of a sudden a need to really get into makeup! LOL 
    I rarely wear it but now that I’ll be in the “public” eye, I feel I need to make myself presentable with makeup. So I’ve been watching tutorials on how to do eye makeup for those of us with hooded eyelids as I’m Asian. I’m actually excited now to get into makeup. LOL


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