Shorts for Summer Style You’ll Feel Comfortable In

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Have you been searching for shorts for summer style you’ll actually feel comfortable in? What’s your preference for shorts? Do you go with short shorts, mid-thigh, walking shorts or do you prefer capris instead? For years, I felt uncomfortable every time I wore a pair of shorts. That meant that I wore jeans even on days when it was 95F outside and humid. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Shorts for Summer Style You'll Feel Comfortable In

Shorts for Summer Style

There are a lot of different types of shorts you can wear. If you feel uncomfortable when wearing them, chances are that you either have the wrong size, the wrong fit, or the wrong style. When choosing your shorts, they should feel comfortable when you sit, walk and move. They should not pinch or bunch up as you walk or sit. You should feel comfortable and confident while you’re wearing them. I prefer shorts that are longer in length and feel uncomfortable when they are short. Only you know your comfort level.

Daisy Dukes

Named after Daisy on Dukes of Hazard, these shorts tend to be super short and are often frayed on the ends of the hem. Be secure with showing off a lot of leg with these shorts. Make sure you get a close shave and a good tan.

Shorts for Summer Style You'll Feel Comfortable In


Bermuda shorts are typically longer in length, ending above your knees. They usually have a looser fit and are similar in cut to your favorite trousers. These are my favorite shorts for summer style because of how comfortable they are.


Capris are semi-fitted shorts and end slightly below the knee or to mid-calf. There are many different designs from casual denim to a more dressy pattern suitable for work.

DKNY Jeans Women's Bermuda Walking Shorts (2, Military Green)DKNY Jeans Women’s Bermuda Walking Shorts (2, Military Green)No Nonsense Women's Cotton Capri Legging, White, LargeNo Nonsense Women’s Cotton Capri Legging, White, Large[28225XR-OLIVECOMBO-3X] Rouge Collection Stretch Capri Pants for Women, Plus Size, Elastic Drawstring Waist[28225XR-OLIVECOMBO-3X] Rouge Collection Stretch Capri Pants for Women, Plus Size, Elastic Drawstring Waist


Cargo shorts are knee length and typically baggy. Unlike Bermuda shorts, Cargo shorts tend to have a number of different pockets with flaps along the front and sides.


Walking shorts are a casual short that usually reaches mid thigh. They are fairly loose and are intended for everyday style. You can find them frequently in denim or other light weight materials.

There are a number of other types of shorts available but these are the most common styles I’m familiar with. What is your favorite style of summer shorts?

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  1. I am in LOVE with that first outfit.. the short distressed looking shorts are so cute! I want, I want. haha

  2. I like mid-thigh shorts or capris 🙂 love the outfits!

  3. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says

    I would wear the second outfit..mainly I like the shoes…they would be cute with anything!

  4. I am looking forward to bringing out shorts again! But I’m thinking I need to pick up running again before I venture out in anything above the knee. – Katy

  5. Two Little Cavaliers says

    Not that I ever wear shorts but if I did and if I had the legs for them I really like the shorts in the first picture.

  6. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Really cute options!

  7. Libby's Library says

    As a Public Service – I do not wear shorts. No sense in blinding people with my huge white legs.

    That third photo…reminds me of Snow White;-)

  8. If I were younger and more toned, I would go with the first photo. I love that outfit. At 45, I feel a lot more comfortable and confident in capris now.

  9. I’m so ready for warm weather clothes! This makes me want to go exercise a little more first though lol

  10. I am a long shorts or capris kind of girl….

  11. Being Tazim says

    I like all those options! Yay for warm weather coming soon!