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Last Updated on November 24, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Remember the eighties when blue eye shadow and a streak of pink blush on your cheeks was all the rage? Thank heaven that fashion fad has passed us by.  Now the style for the most part is the natural look.  Make up should enhance your beauty and not be painted on.  When you apply blush, it should give your skin a healthy glow with just a kiss of color and not be applied to leave a streak or circle on your cheeks.

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mark just pinched

mark just pinched is an instant blush tint that will give you the touch of color you want to look healthy and glowing.  It comes in a compact tube applicator that makes application simple.  There’s no need for a brush or make up sponge.  I love my just pinched instant blush tint. I toss it in my handbag when I need to touch up my make up during the day and I really appreciate not needing to worry about throwing in a make up brush or sponge. Plus, it’s not powdery so there’s no mess to worry about in my handbag.

The mark just pinched instant blush glides on smoothly and provides a healthy natural glow. mark products can be purchased from your Avon representative for $8.00.  It is available in berry, nude, cheeky, peachy, and spicy colors.

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3 thoughts on “mark – just pinched Instant Blush Tint”

  1. I have never heard of this product before. it sounds great and like you said, definitely easier than the old fashioned powder kind!

  2. I love avon products. I’ll check out the nearest store if they already have this available. The ‘cheeky’ color is lovely.


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