Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

I don’t need an evening look all that often. Like most busy women, most of the time I’m at work or dealing with family things. When I do go out at night, I’m generally shopping and that doesn’t really call for an evening look. I keep my hair short because it’s easiest to care for that way and it’s the style I’ve always had. It dries quickly. I don’t need to worry about a ton of accessories like bands and clips. I just wash, dry and spray on a little bit of hair spray.

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Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

My go to daytime hair style is just a quick blowdry back and some hair spray. Since my hair is layered, it’s quick easy and (I think) attractive. I add more or less styling products depending on how much hold I need and what I’ll be doing that day.  Humidity means I need a LOT of styling products.

Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

In my experience, short hairstyles for women don’t allow for a lot of creativity. I cannot really put my hair up in an updo and the layers make it very difficult to style any other way. I have found that with a bit of creativity I can get a different look when I blow dry down instead of back. I think this results in a more sophisticated style that works when I want an evening look.

Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

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6 thoughts on “Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look”

  1. I love short hairstyles.  In fact I tried a short hairstyle years ago and it looked fabulous on me.  The only problem is that I couldn’t keep up with it!  My go to style is a bun or ponytail and I really couldn’t do that with short hair.  I am tempted though to cut it again, maybe in a simpler style that won;t require a lot of upkeep.

  2. My night hairstyle is not very fabulous.  I pull it back and go. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy, I might cover up the ponytail holder with a braid. This contest, though, has me motivated to try a little something different! 

  3. Growing up I always hair that touched my bottom and it was amazing the things I could do with it.  It’s super thick though and the headaches were not worth it.  My hair seems to get shorter and shorter with each passing year but I feel limited on how to style it.  Thank you for the ideas.  

  4. I love the look, the short hair goes so well with day and evening. I have always wanted to go with a shorter do, I think I will finally do it this winter.

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