No Holes Belt with Style

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A belt from Mission Belt is more than a no holes belt with style. It’s a mission to give back. Mission Belt Company is a socially responsible company with a mission to give back with each belt they sell. Their focus is to help people break out of the poverty cycle.  They work with Kiva, a non-profit, peer to peer micro-lending organization that helps provide opportunities to support economic development. For every dollar they contribute, 100% goes directly to the end borrowers.

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No Holes Belt with Style

No Holes Belt with Style

My kids love style just as much (if not more) than I do. My son has needed a belt for a while.  The one he had just isn’t fitting him properly any longer.  At 17, you’d think he would stop growing soon but he hasn’t yet.  When I had him look at the Mission Belt Company site, he was immediately drawn to the Rasta colors of the belt buckle on the Rasta belt. It’s available with a white, brown and black leather belt but he felt that black would best work for him.

No Holes Belt with Style

Since he’s still growing, I was thrilled to learn that the no holes belt from Mission Belt Company is very easy to adjust. Since there aren’t any holes, you just slide the belt in and out to adjust it to any length that’s comfortable. You can even cut the leather if it needs to be adjusted down that much! Plus, there are no more worries about ugly, stretched out holes any longer!

No Holes Belt with Style

Mission Belts adjust every 1/4″ unlike traditional belts that only adjust every 1″.  These are belts that are made to last.  The leather will not crack and it comes with a Crack Free Guarantee. Mission Belt offers two different widths of belts (35mm and 40mm)and a variety of different colored leather and styles of belt buckles. You can even mix and match the leather and the belt buckle to make your own unique style. He loves the way it fits and the way it looks.

No Holes Belt with Style

Help Mission Belt Company give back by buying one of their belts today. $1 is donated for each belt that you purchase.

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7 thoughts on “No Holes Belt with Style”

  1. I need to look into this!  My youngest doesn’t fit into anything “normal” and so we always have to add extra holes to his belts.  A no holes belt would be perfect!

  2. Very nice looking belt- I used to have a few of these back in the day when I was younger and hung out with the skater crowd.  He’s got great style,  I love that it’s a company that gives back.  I think my 20 year old son would like one- thanks! 

  3. My son would totally wear that belt. His weight has been fluctuating a bit lately, so this would be perfect since it has not holes.

  4. I’ve been wanting to snag one of these belts for my son and my S.O. I love supporting socially responsible companies. My son is 15, so a no-holes belt will be perfect since I know we’ve got a lot of growth in the near future.

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