Beautiful Engraved Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

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I just learned about engraved semi-precious gemstone jewelry and wanted to share my thoughts. Jewelry is a gift that lasts forever and can be for you, a friend or family member. A few months ago, I went through my jewelry box and got rid of things I never wore. I realized I had very few nice pieces of jewelry. I wanted to add a few classic pieces that would last a long time. I was sent a product for this post.

Beautiful Engraved Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry

Engraved Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry

I’ve seen metal engraved jewelry, but had no idea you could engrave semi-precious stones! LovePendants is a new jewelry company that lets you personalize jewelry by engraving topaz, amethyst, green quartz or citrine. Customers can have jewelry engraved with a symbol, letter or word that holds special meaning. It was started by award-winning fine jewelry designer, Robert Leser.  You can have the gemstones set in vermeil, silver or 14k gold and turned into a necklace, bracelet or charm.

Engraved Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry

Options for Ordering

It was very easy to order my jewelry on the website. You just pick the options for each prompt. Also, the picture changes to show what the jewelry will look like. It really helped me see what it will look like.

The engravings are in 5 categories on the LovePendants site.

  • Initials: You can get any letter of the alphabet.
  • Sentiments: You can pick Hope and Joy, and Love. Also, choose English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • Symbols: You can choose a Cross, Heart, Shamrock, Star of David, Hamsa, Peace Sign, Snowflake and more.
  • Sorority Letters: You can pick letters from 23 Greek organizations.
  • Awareness Ribbons: You can pick a ribbon engraving in one of 14 colors. You can choose from over 30 causes. Also, 20% of proceeds from awareness ribbon engravings are donated to the Cancer Research Institute.

Engraved Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry

Most of all, I love all the options to make a unique gift. Because this was for me, I chose an initial bracelet with E for Ellen. Then, I picked Blue Topaz and Black Engraving. I love how the E looked with blue topaz when written in black.  I got a sterling silver frame to set off the topaz and love how it turned out.

Jewelry from LovePendants is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves jewelry and they will love the quality.

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49 thoughts on “Beautiful Engraved Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry”

  1. I received a silver crystal monogrammed (D) necklace this week so love this bracelet too. I learned if you want to include a charm with your bracelet, you can request that they include an oval split ring, sort of like a key ring. I also like that they use a lobster claw clasp on their bracelets–my favorite clasp since it’s easier for me to use.

    • Hi Deb

      I was reading through the blogs and saw your comment. I wanted to clarify that we don’t use crystal, but only natural gemstones – white and blue topaz, amethyst, citrine and green quartz. I can see you read through the product details and FAQ and am pleased to see how interested you are. Thank you for your appreciation of LovePendants.

  2. I learned that LovePendants is a new product designed by award winning designer Robert Leser.

  3. i learned that I can select from over 20,000 combinations of attributes and components to find just what I want! pretty cool!

  4. I learnt that Robert Leser is an award winning designer and a pretty big name in the jewelry business.

  5. I visited and learned that the LovePendants are not available for purchase anywhere other than on their website!

  6. Learned you can build your own personalized gemstone necklaces, custom bracelets and charms in a minute!!

  7. These are beautiful!  So interesting and unusual.  I love that there are popular symbols to choose as well as initials.  I also learned that you can choose the gem, frame, and type.

  8. I learned that Engravings are filled with specially made Black, Silver and Gold color fills.

  9. I learned that they are made by experienced staff and master jewelers using ethically sourced materials with the same attention to detail and quality.

  10. I learned that they have a Women’s Empowerment line. I know the moms in the crunchy groups I’m in would go crazy for breastfeeding and/or babywearing symbols in this line!

  11. I learned that they have a great variety of options for engraving on the gemstones. And, I learned that the business is in New York.

  12. It is the brainchild of award winning designer Robert Leser, who is also the creative force behind the Color Story brand of fine jewelry and the exclusive Robert Leser Collection for internet jewelry giant Blue Nile.

  13. I learned that they carry over 20,000 combinations of attributes and components. That’s a lot!

  14. I love that their all custom jewelry is made in the USA! Awesome and beautiful!
    Thank You for the chance

  15. I learned that LovePendants are not available for purchase anywhere other than our website. LovePendants are Patent Pending.

  16. I learned that he designed these with over 20,000 different combinations to choose from.

  17. I learned LovePendants use the following gemstones Blue Topaz,
    White Topaz
    Amethyst,Green Quartz to make their products.

  18. I learned that you can design your own bracelet by choosing different symbols, colors, and either gold or silver. These are so very pretty!

  19. I learned that you can select from over 20,000 combinations of attributes and components to make the perfect jewelry.

  20. I learned that  these made-to-order pieces are manufactured in New York City  & you can choose from 20,000 combinations of attributes and components. I also learned that they sell at price points that are lower than their competitors, but their quality is top notch!

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