How To Make Hair Look Fuller

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Are you wondering how to make hair look fuller? Did you know that as you age, many people experience thinning hair?  Find out more.

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How To Make Hair Look Fuller in 6 Steps

How To Make Hair Look Fuller

For someone who spends a lot of time trying to have a good hair day, this isn’t a good thing.  I have never had super full hair even when I was younger, so thinning hair just makes it more difficult for me.  

I have always been the type of person that buys a bunch of different hair products to add volume to my hair.  And, I have several different brushes that are supposed to help make my hair look fuller when I style it.

 I make sure to go to the salon regularly to get rid of the split ends and cover up the gray hair. You would think that with all this attention, I’d have amazing full hair right now, but I don’t.  Knowing how to make your hair look fuller can make all the difference.

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Best hair style for thinning hair

I cannot tell you how many times I have blow dried my hair with my head upside down just hoping to make my hair look full of body.  I’ve tried all sorts of styling techniques to give my hair more fullness but I still noticed that my hair felt thinner than ever before.  

It’s not just my imagination.  The diameter of your hair shaft thins as you age.  You really DO have thinner hair at 40 than at 20.

You may have the same number of hair follicles but each hair is thinner and the result is hair that looks less full.

Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair With Diffuser

How to make thin hair look thicker naturally

Of course, to make the problem worse, hair grows more slowly as you age and your hair is more prone to break.  This means that the damage to your hair is much more noticeable than when you were younger.  

Just another thing to worry about as you age! There are a few tips that you can follow to make your hair look fuller.

Volumizing hair products

Buy hair products that improve the appearance of thinning hair. It is possible to plump individual strands of hair using specialized shampoo, conditioner and styling aids. These products will make your hair look fuller.

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Wash more regularly

Control oily hair. Oily hair is often limp and lacks body which can make it look even less full than it normally is. If you suffer from an oily scalp, be certain to wash your hair more frequently and use products to control the oil production.

Don’t over wash your hair though. Try a dry shampoo in between washings.

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Do layers make hair look thicker?

The next time you get a haircut, have your hair cut in layers. Layering your hair gives your hair texture which can make it look fuller.

Blow dry your hair upside down. It really does work. Use a round brush and begin drying your hair upside down. When it’s no longer damp, flip it back over again and continue drying until you’re done.

Add rollers for volume

Add rollers to the front and top of your hair to add even more body and fullness. You only need to leave them in for about 20 minutes to see extra fullness.

Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair for More Volume

Use styling products

Use hairspray. Adding hairspray, especially toward the roots, is a great way to make hair look fuller than it really is. For an added boost, look for a hairspray that’s intended to volumize your hair.

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16 thoughts on “How To Make Hair Look Fuller”

  1. I have very fine blond hair.  As I am (cough) getting older, my hair really is getting thinner—not a good thing when your hair already starts off being “fine.” After blowdrying upside down, I use a tiny bit of mousse and a few med-large rollers on the top rather than a heat curler, My hair is so fine that it is completely dry by the time I finish makeup  lol!  My question is this–what do you recommend for a shampoo?  While very fine, my hair is not particularly dry (unless I use too much heat) or oily (unless I skip too many washings.)

  2. These are all some fantastic tips that I’m definitely going to give a try! I’ve always had difficulties with my hair; when I was younger my hair was long and thick and I decided to cut it when I was 12. I’ve tried many times over the years but ever since then I can’t grow it out the same because it’s just limp, dull, and blah.

  3. There are alot of good ideas here, luckily for me I have thick hair. But my mom’s hair is getting thinner, so I will pass these along to her. I know she can use your tips!

  4. Right now I’m using the Samy Fat Hair products but want to go to a more natural product. They are big containers and I don’t have much hair, so I have lots to use up. I don’t need a blow dryer on my fine hair since it doesn’t take much to dry. I use a special hair towel that absorbs the water and doesn’t hurt my hair (Aquis hair towel), but it doesn’t give me volume like a blow dryer. I could put the dryer setting on cold to get the lift with no heat I suppose. I’m just really gentle with my thinning hair!


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