5 Simple Style Tips for Perfect Family Photos

Last Updated on October 4, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Are you wondering if it’s possible to have perfect family photos? Check out these 5 style tips to get the best possible Christmas photos.

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Each year, families head to portrait studios to have their family photos taken for Christmas cards. Each year, when the photos are printed, millions of women look at them and hate the way they turned out. Am I right? I received products for this post. 

5 Simple Style Tips for Perfect Family Photos

Perfect Family Photos

First, resign yourself to the fact that it may not be possible to have perfect family photos. There are so many different variables that you cannot control when you add several people to a photo shoot especially if there are kids involved. What you can control is how you look in those photos. So, here are a few tips.

Skip the patterns

It can be tempting to wear your candy cane sweater or plaid tights, but unless you are sure it won’t clash, it is best to stick to a solid color. You may end up standing against a background that doesn’t work well. Or, other people in your family photo may wear something that doesn’t match your look.

Coordinate colors

Take a few moments to speak to others and make sure you are wearing coordinating colors. Your red sweater will look great with your daughter’s red tights and your husband’s red tie. It may not look as good with your sister’s pink dress. Be sure that everyone doesn’t wear the same color. Six people with red sweaters may be too much.

Think Classic

In some cases, these photos may be hanging on your wall for years to come. Choose classic colors and patterns over trendy items. Minions may be super hot right now, but in five years, they probably won’t be.

5 Simple Style Tips for Perfect Family Photos

Remember to Accessorize

It can be tempting to focus entirely on what everyone is wearing. But, remember to give some thought to your accessories. You’ll want to add a necklace, bracelet or pin for a little bit of sparkle. And, you may want to leave your activity tracker at home unless it’s super stylish.

Good Hair Day

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Don’t leave anything up to chance this year when you have your family photos taken.

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  1. The struggle is real some years!! I try to coordinate colors and to get everyone in a good mood when we take pictures. It never fails, someone gets sick or is super grumpy on picture days! Great tips!!


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