Paraben Free Foundation

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Looking for paraben free foundation makeup? Find out where you can find the best paraben free foundation and check out my review.

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Paraben Free Foundation - Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation

Paraben Free Foundation

We all know (I hope) that parabens are bad and that we should avoid them but do you know why? Parabens are a group of compounds. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products use them as preservatives

Parabens are the most widely used preservative in the cosmetic industry. You may see them listed as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben.

So why do I care? And, why do I want a paraben-free foundation?  Parabens have been linked in studies to a variety of health issues including breast cancer, declining sperm counts, and disruption of our endocrine system.  

Our bodies absorb everything we put on our skin.. I have been trying to find alternatives for makeup that contains paraben.

When I was offered Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation for review, I was quite happy to see that it was a paraben-free foundation. You can find Ageless Dermae here.

What is Ageless Dermae?

Ageless Derma Anti-aging Pressed Mineral Foundations are 100% pure mineral makeup.  They feel very light on your skin. And, it gives you a natural look rather than a heavily made-up look.

It helps to replenish the skin while it protects it and keeps it neutralized from free radicals that are damaging.  The lighter texture of Ageless Derma Foundation lets your skin breathe while it repels the humidity in the air.

Paraben free foundation

Ingredients in paraben free foundation

The key ingredients are Boron Nitride, Calming Lavender Aromatherapy, Freeze Dried Vitamins A and E, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin A, E and Green Tea Extracts. They do not test on animals. USA made.

Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation is available in ten different shades so it’s very easy to find one that matches your complexion. I received Canvas which is one of their lighter shades.

I love the coverage I got from the Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation. You also receive a sponge for your application. And I found it very easy to apply with the sponge although the directions say you can use it with a brush or airbrush.  If you’re trying to eliminate parabens in your makeup, I recommend you try this paraben-free foundation.

Finally, you can find Ageless Dermae here.

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  1. I love finding makeups that are paraben free or all natural. I love that you explained what parabens are and why they’re not good for you–so many people are going with the hyper, but they really don’t know why! And the foundation looks great on you and makes your skin look flawless and natural! Great post.


  2. I am in desperate need of some new makeup and love finding brands that have fewer nasty ingredients !

  3. I like pressed powder just to pat on and need very light coverage so this looks great to me. Great it comes in ten different shades too.

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