Zoya Bubbly Swatches and Review

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Summer time means fun new nail polish colors to play with. Zoya has released a few exciting new summer shades for 2014. The first I will share with you is Zoya Bubbly.  Zoya Bubbly has six holographic glitter shades that are just perfect for the fun, summer weather. All Zoya polishes are ultra long wearing and toxin free.  They contain none of the bad five ingredients.

Zoya Bubbly Swatches and Review

Shades included in Zoya Bubbly are Alma, Harper, Muse, Jesy, Binx, and Staasi. Color ranges include orange, pink, blue, purple and green.  Glitter polishes are fun to use because you can keep them light with one coat of polish or layer them. I found that to get really good coverage, I needed three coats of the polishes in the Zoya Bubbly line with the exception of Muse which took two coats. They could also be layered on top of another color to give it a bit of splash.

Zoya Bubbly Binx

Zoya Bubbly Binx

Zoya Bubbly Binx is a fun glittery purple I enjoyed pairing with my new Naturalizer sandals from the David Bromstad Collection.

Zoya Bubbly Stassi

Zoya Bubbly Staasi

The Zoya Bubbly Staasi was the perfect shade to get active in with my new Lysse Leggings.

Zoya Bubbly Jesy

Zoya Bubbly Jesy

Zoya Bubbly Jesy was the lightest of the shades in this collection but it still gave my nails a fun sparkle.

Zoya Bubbly Harper

Zoya Bubbly Harper

I was inspired to wear the Zoya Bubbly Harper when I saw that my tulips were blooming! Love the pink sparkly color.

Zoya Bubbly Alma

Zoya Bubbly Alma

Love the sunny orange color color of the Zoya Bubbly Alma polish.  It took me three coats but it definitely makes me smile.

Zoya Bubbly Muse

Zoya Bubbly Muse

Zoya Bubbly Muse was by far my favorite color in this collection. It only took two coats to get really nice coverage.  Great color for the 4th of July.

Looking for a new summer polish? Try a few shades in the Zoya Bubbly collection. Which is your favorite?



  1. Bellesouth says

    I really like the Zoya Bubbly Alma! All of the colors are great but this really caught my eye! 

  2. Love the sparkles – such a rich color

  3. What pretty summer colors! Love the sandals too!

  4. Harper caught my eye, but I’m always a sucker for pink. I love wearing sparkles in the summer.

  5. Jenna Wood says

    I love Zoya for their great formulation (and that annual trade in promo they do). These colors look so fun and sparkly, perfect for Summer!

  6. I love these sparkly colors. So pretty! I especially like Bubbly Jese

  7. I love all the sparklies. I think my favorite is the first one, the Binx. The bright pink is so lovely

  8. Zoya Bubbly Muse is super pretty!! But I try and avoid glitter polishes just cause it can be such a pain to remove LOL

  9. I can’t believe I am even saying this but i am in love with the Jesy color!  Your pictures are really fabulous on this one Ellen! 

  10. I really like the Harper. I’m not usually one for pink colors, but I like that it’s not really too bright or over the top. Tulips have always been my favorite flower!

  11. The Jesy color looks orangy in the bottle, not my fave color, but peachy on your nails and I like it, which surprises me. I’ve never used this brand but love the glittery feature. I would totally try it if I found it on sale (but have so much polish now, so restraining myself!) I like your sandals too!