My Love of Fashion Jewelry and New Jewelry Trends

Last Updated on September 13, 2020 by Ellen Christian

I have a thing for fashion jewelry and have always paid attention to new jewelry trends.  Don’t get me wrong, if I suddenly discovered a treasure chest full of diamonds, rubies, and pearls, I would certainly wear those as well.  For now, my eyes tend to be drawn to fashion jewelry when I shop.  There are so many different types of fashion jewelry you can buy that the possibilities are endless.

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My Love of Fashion Jewelry and New Jewelry Trends


New Jewelry Trends in Fashion Jewelry

While I love the delicate chains and faux pearls, I also love bright beads and even jewelry made from recycled fabric and hemp.  My tastes are eclectic and thankfully, there are so many new jewelry trends that I don’t run out of ideas. So, what are the trends to keep your eyes open for this year?


If you tend to hold onto your jewelry for years, you may have these in your jewelry box already. Anklets are once again back in style and making an appearance. Want something that will stand out more than a simple gold chain? Try layering a few anklets together or try mixing materials and wear a leather anklet with a gold anklet.

My Love of Fashion Jewelry and New Jewelry Trends

Dangling Earrings

Long dangling earrings are in vogue this year, and I don’t mean an inch or two. This year, you’ll be seeing earrings that dangle almost to your shoulders. Look for earrings with tassels, beads, charms, and more when you shop. If you love having a large selection of earrings to wear, try shopping for wholesale earrings and purchasing in bulk.


If you were a fan of the mismatched sock trend that was popular a few years ago, you’ll be happy to learn that mismatched and asymmetrical jewelry is now in style. Look for earrings and other jewelry that is uneven or doesn’t match.

Layered necklaces

I love the look of layering bracelets,  so I was thrilled to learn that layering necklaces is one of the new jewelry trends this year. A great way to save money on this trend is by purchasing wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk and then mixing and matching the pieces you receive.

My Love of Fashion Jewelry and New Jewelry Trends

Plastic and enamel

Do you remember the plastic and enamel jewelry you wore in the 80s? Guess what, it’s back in style again. Search through your jewelry box for brightly colored acrylic pieces along with clear, black and white, and tortoiseshell.

Vintage jewelry

Lately, I’ve discovered a passion for vintage jewelry and have been scouring the thrift stores to see what I can add to my collection. Now, don’t worry, vintage jewelry doesn’t have to be super expensive. Vintage refers to jewelry that is at least 20 years old, so think the early 1990s and back. I’ve found a few cute vintage brooches from the 1970s that I’ve picked up and am planning to wear soon.

Button earrings

I knew I was saving that jar of buttons for something. This year, one of the new jewelry trends is button earrings. You can certainly make your own earrings for this trend. Or, look for them at your favorite fashion jewelry store.

Which of these new jewelry trends are you most excited for?

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