How to Wear Matte Foundation Makeup

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Have you heard about matte foundation makeup but are wondering why or if you should wear it? Matte foundation is a foundation that doesn’t reflect light or look shiny when applied. Many foundations give your skin a shiny appearance after applying them. Some people prefer not to use makeup that makes their skin shiny for a few reasons. 

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How and Why to Wear Matte Foundation Makeup

Matte Foundation Makeup

Traditional liquid and cream foundations often leave your skin shiny. Many times, if you’re looking for a matte foundation, you need to apply a primer, then a liquid foundation, and then a powder to help eliminate the shine. Why would you go through these extra steps?

Oily Skin

If you have already oily skin, you don’t need to make it any more noticeable by adding a foundation that makes your skin shinier. This can also be a factor in the summer when temperatures and humidity are higher or if you have an active job.

Large Pores

Traditional liquid foundation tends to make large pores and acne scars more noticeable. As someone who has rosacea, my pores are larger than I like already. I definitely don’t want to use a foundation that will make them any more noticeable.

How and Why to Wear Matte Foundation Makeup

Signs of Aging

The same way that liquid foundation makes large pores more noticeable, it makes wrinkles and other signs of aging more noticeable. Matte makeup can help hide signs of aging.

The key to wearing matte foundation makeup is applying it properly. Because matte makeup minimizes shininess, you’ll want to be sure that you apply it to moisturized skin.

If your skin is already oily, this is probably not a problem. However, if your skin is dry, as is the case with many mature women, you’ll want to apply a good moisturizing cream to your face before applying your matte foundation.

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Don’t feel like you need to replace your traditional foundation to try the matte look. Hard Candy Turn Me Matte Glamoflauge Mix-In Drops are concentrated liquid drops that can be used to change the finish of your liquid and cream makeup to matte.

Simply mix several drops of the transformer into your liquid or cream foundation and then apply the mixture to skin as you normally would. Even the dewiest foundations will instantly transform to a matte finish without compromising the look or feel of your foundation.

The mattifying drops reduce shininess on the face, especially in the T-Zone, absorb excess oil and sebum, and minimize and blur pores to create a matte complexion.

Skin will be more blurred, with pores becoming less visible. Turn Me Matte drops can also be used throughout the day to absorb oil buildup and refresh your makeup.

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