Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

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Getting started making beautiful handmade jewelry isn’t as difficult as you’d think. Get started with these easy jewelry making projects.

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How to Get Started Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

For several years, I had a crafts website and one of my most popular items was my handmade jewelry. I sold bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rosaries both online and at craft fairs for several years.

I eventually learned that I preferred making one bracelet rather than ten of the same bracelet and gave up that site to begin blogging.

So, I still enjoy creating jewelry, but now I make it for myself and as gifts for other people. While some jewelry requires special tools and skills, there are a number of beautiful accessories that you can make with no experience and just a few basic craft supplies.

No matter what your skill level, here are a few projects to get you started making your own handmade creations for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

Easy jewelry projects

Here are a variety of different jewelry making projects to get you started. Some are suitable for beginners and others will require a bit more experience.

I’ve starred the easiest projects for you below if you want to start with something simple to create.

How to make an Irish Skeleton Key Necklace

How to Get Started Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

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8 thoughts on “Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry”

  1. I’ve never been crafty, but always admired home made jewelry. So unique – so pretty. I love that it has instructions for the beginners as well. It can be super intimidating to start something new if you know very little about it

  2. My mother used to make jewelry back in the day, the girls from my class would ask to come over so they could see what she was working on, or request something. I’ve crafty but not with thinks with tiny/fine detail. I love the beautiful green bracelet.

  3. I made so many bracelets with my mom and aunt this summer and realized that I only like designing them; those tiny findings give me a fit. 🙂

    These are lovely designs!

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