How to Use Makeup to Correct Your Color

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Have you ever wondered how to use makeup to correct your color? Check out these simple tips to learn more about correcting color.

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How to Use Makeup to Correct Your Color

Makeup to Correct Your Color

If you’ve seen a color wheel before, you’re familiar with using colors to contrast each other. Color correcting makeup is no different. You want to offset the color you want to correct in order to conceal it or enhance it. 

There are a number of different reasons you’d want to correct your color. Typically, I use makeup to correct your color to offset the redness caused by my rosacea. Other reasons include hiding dull skin, neutralizing dark circles or acne or neutralizing mild sunburn. Of course, each problem requires a different color to offset. Here are a few tips to get started.

Green Makeup

Makeup, primer or cover up sticks that are green will help neutralize skin redness due to sunburn, rosacea, uneven skin tone or acne.

A Natural Acne Treatment with Floralux
Day 30

Yellow Makeup

You’ll want to use yellow makeup to help neutralize mild skin redness due to a mild sunburn or acne.

Pink Makeup

Using pink makeup with help to neutralize dullness and sallowness on fair to light skin tones.

woman with dark skin applying lipstick

Lavender Makeup

Lavender cosmetics will help to neutralize dullness and sallowness on medium to dark skin tones.

Peach Makeup

A peach based makeup can help to neutralize dark circles and spots on fair to light skin tones.

Asian woman in front of purple flowers

Orange Makeup

Orange makeup will help to neutralize dark circles and spots on medium to dark skin.

When choosing makeup to correct color, it’s important that you buy the right type of makeup for each job. A coverup stick will work best on small acne scars.

A primer will work best to correct your overall complexion if you’re dealing with rosacea or dullness. Use a creme product with a wand if you are trying to correct dark circles under your eyes.

You will want a lightweight, easy to blend product like Hard Candy Color Correct Expert Creme Wand, Radiant Primer, or Expert Sticks.

They are all easy to apply, highly blendable, and available in six shades. The suggested retail price is $5 for each product.

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  1. I’ve used both green and yellow powders and creams to correct color and they work for me, providing I blend them well. I have an amazing pink cream I use every day just on one small age spot on my cheek bone and it works perfectly to blend in with my blush. I’ve not tried lavender and stay away from the peaches and oranges since they are not kind to my skin tones. 🙂 Great post!


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