How to Make Your Lips Plump Naturally

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Have you ever wondered how to make your lips plump naturally? I’ve always been envious of super models with beautiful, pouting lips, but I’ve never managed to achieve that look myself. I just wasn’t born with naturally plump lips.How to make your lips plump naturally

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Make Your Lips Plump Naturally

Now, lip plumpers typically make your lips appear plump because they bring blood to the surface of your lips by irritating them slightly. But, the irritation is very mild and safe. Lip plumpers are typically used as a temporary fix to enhance your makeup routine on a special night. They’re much less invasive than something like lip augmentation.

In the past, I’ve mixed up my own lip plumpers, but I’ve found it to be wasteful. I don’t use it every day, and it doesn’t stay good forever. I ended up throwing away more than I used.

How to make your lips plump naturally

What is InstaPlumper?

InstaPlumper is a natural lip enhancing application that’s more intense than lip enhancer glosses. However, it’s less painful (for your wallet & lips) than lip injections. And, each pack contains eight applications.

Made with six natural ingredients to deliver the ultimate plumping power (cinnamon oil, capsicum oil, sunflower oil, peppermint, black pepper oil, and coffee bean oil), InstaPlumper lasts up to 8 hours and leaves you with lips that rival the look of professional injections. For best results, use InstaPlumper multiple days in a row.

The longer you leave the InstaPlumper on, the more luscious, full, and perfectly plumped your lips will be. Afterward, you can remove the product with a makeup remover wipe or baby oil.

I love that InstaPlumper was tested on models and NOT animals. Plus, it is made in the USA. The suggested retail price for a package with eight applications is $18.

Now, make your lips plump naturally with InstaPlumper.

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  1. I have always wondered if lip plumpers work. I appreciate your insight. I also appreciate that this is not tested on animals (do they even have lips anyway…I don’t get why animals are used for human makeup anyway… horrid).


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