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Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

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The prom was held last weekend at our local high school. I remember my prom fondly. I spent hours shopping for just the perfect dress and the perfect shoes and handbag. I spent forever doing my hair and putting on my make up. I’m sure my date was suitably impressed or at least I hope he was.

After only a little while at the prom, the first thing that happened was I kicked off my shoes.  Sure 3″ heels are gorgeous and they are certainly a must for any evening wear occasion.  Unfortunately, they are also very uncomfortable.

Kushyfoot Flats to Go make comfortable feet a reality.  They have a super comfortable, 3-dimensional massaging sole that offers relief from high heels. They are light weight and portable and come in their own pouch. You can easily toss them in your handbag, your brief case or your car for times you need a little bit of relief from high heels.

Kushyfoot Flats to Go are available in Peep Toe (Cream or Slate) and Sandals (Black).  Sizes are 5/6, 7/8, or 9/10.  The retail price is $9.99.

While I don’t wear high heels that often now, I found that the Kushyfoot Flats to Go are ideal for having a pedicure or for wandering around the spa.  You certainly don’t want to put on your shoes or walk around in bare feet while you’re in the middle of your treatment and the Kushyfoot Flats to Go offer protection and comfort. Perfect solution!

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10 thoughts on “Kushyfoot Flats to Go!”

  1. Oh I wish I brought some flats like this to my prom. My feet always hurt with heels- and I remember I definitely kicked them off after I got there.These look comfy and cute!

  2. These look cute and comfortable! I like the silver ones that you show! Great detailed review as well that notes how I could best use them

  3. The price is certainly right for a pair of summer emergency flats! These would be great for tossing in a big purse for events or any other place where being outside and walking around a long time is a possibility. Or even for at work in case those cute summer sandals end up being a little uncomfortable.

  4. These sound really good. I HATE shoes so when I have to go somewhere that I have to dress up nice, I take off the shoes while I’m at the table and while dancing. These would be perfect.

  5. These are cute. As an unfortunate size 11 it makes me sad that I always miss out on fun stuff like this! – Katy

  6. Sounds like really comfy shoes! Thank you for sharing. I also am not a fan of heels if I need to actually be walking around or standing for prolonged periods.

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