Konenkii Subscription Box For Women

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I don’t do a lot of subscription boxes, but one box that I do enjoy receiving every quarter is the Konenkii Subscription Box for Women 40+.  Unlike many subscription boxes, you get a variety of different types of things in the box. It’s not all makeup. Or all beauty products. Or all food. I’ve received scarves, food, pampering products, journaling items, and even an air plant.  

Konenkii Subscription Box For Women 40+ Review

Konenkii Subscription Box For Women 40+

Like many women, I don’t buy myself things that often. There always seems to be someone or something else that needs money before me. The car needs winter tires and groceries cost more every time I go to the store. But, I’ve decided that I do need to pamper myself with useful things occasionally or I don’t feel appreciated. This quarter was a pretty amazing box and I wanted to share what I received.

Sharkskin Gray Canvas Bag

Stripes and dots have left the building. This sturdy canvas shoulder bag will be ready for anything! Enough room to be spontaneous and fabulous for around town or overnight. I love the color they chose for this bag. I’ve been working on minimalizing my wardrobe and this color literally matches everything I own.

Geometric Scarf

When it comes to friends and scarves – you can never have too many! This bold transitional wrap is soft enough to give you a full body hug and goes anywhere with anything! Again, super color. It’s black and grey so it goes with my favorite super soft grey t-shirt and that little black dress I may wear again some day.

Konenkii Subscription Box For Women 40+ Review

Bendy Necklace

Cleopatra would have loved this! Weare it as a necklace, sculpt it into your own work of art or wrap it up your arm as a bracelet. Charmed, I’m sure! This is cute and I love that it’s so versatile. One of the kids is going to absolutely love this since I don’t wear jewelry that often.

Pomegranate Hand Cream

You never know when you’ll need a little moisturizing FOR your hands. This luxury lotion with all natural oils adds a little something-something to your nails and cuticles too. I have a thing for hand lotions and this one is to die for. Love the scent and the way it leaves my hands so soft.

Chocolate Therapy Sampler

Don’t hate these because they’re beautiful. Just eat them! Or you could share them too. But that’s up to you. The four handmade artisanal truffles included in this box are to die for. I will admit that the ladybug one was almost too adorable to eat. This is a great treat. Enjoy them. You deserve it.

Fearless Konenkii Flex Bottle

When you’re on the go, this ingenious reusable foldable bottle can clip right inside your bag. Thirsty? Fill it and sip out of the pop-up spout. When it’s empty, flatten and roll it to save room. This is amazing. I hate having to buy bottled water because I forgot my reusable cup at home. This solves that problem!

Love Journal

At once retro and chic, this beautiful unlined journal is the perfect place to collect your private thoughts and your favorite things. A brilliant idea, a quick sketch, a blade of grass, a little kvetch! You can NEVER have too many journals.

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If you believe in aging fearlessly and enjoying every step of the way, the Konenkii subscription box for women 40+ is definitely for you. Sign up today.

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