Japonesque Color Collection Liquid Light

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Are you considering Japonesque Color Liquid Light? Check out my thoughts on the Japonesque Color Collection and learn more.

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Japonesque Color Collection

Japonesque Color Collection

Finding a good primer and highlighter is a definite challenge.  When I was younger, my makeup routine was much more manageable.  Check out my thoughts on the best bronzer.

Coverup, foundation, blush, mascara, and eyeshadow. That’s it. A few quick minutes, and I was done for the day. At 47, my makeup routine is much more complicated. Hiding the signs of aging and enhancing my natural look takes a bit more time and a few more products. 

How to use Japonesque color

I don’t just apply foundation to my bare skin any longer.  Years of rosacea and aging have left me with fine lines and larger pores.  When I apply foundation directly, I don’t get even coverage. I always use a primer first to prime my skin. Japonesque offers two primers in their new Japonesque Color Collection along with Japonesque  Color Liquid Light and Pro Makeup Artist Wipes.

  • Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer – The Velvet Touch Primer is an exquisite weightless gel that primes the skin with a veil of velvety perfection.  It glides over skin to create an invisible skin canvas to smooth and mattify the complexion while creating the illusion of flawless-looking skin and dramatically improving makeup hold.
  • Japonesque Radiance Primer – Inspired by backstage makeup techniques, the Radiance Primer is the ultimate remedy for a complexion that radiates beauty and light.  Its weightless and silky texture glides onto the skin and offers a pearlescent optical imperfection blurring effect.
  • Japonesque Liquid Light – The Liquid Light is a highlighting hero that dresses skin in an illuminating veil of radiance.  This innovative light-reflecting liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion’s natural glow – creating a beautiful shimmering incandescence that ‘lights skin from within.’ These translucent, weightless formulas give instant radiance and luminosity to the complexion and can be used alone as a makeup base or as a highlighting accent to shape and lift the facial contours.
  • Pro Makeup Artist Wipes – These pro artist makeup wipes are the preferred makeup remover choice of renowned makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike.  The soft cloths instantly dissolve and gently remove makeup, dirt, and grime, while hydrating the skin with Vitamin E.

Japonesque Color Collection

Japonesque Color Liquid Light review

I was able to try out the products above.  Both of the primers worked wonderfully as a base for my foundation.  I prefer the Japonesque Radiance Primer because it gave me better coverage and blurred a few more of the signs of aging I’m trying to get rid of.  

I used my traditional foundation next and then followed with the Liquid Light on my cheeks instead of a bronzer.  The Pro Makeup Artist Wipes are alcohol-free and very soothing.  They were gentle and effective and even worked on my waterproof mascara. Japonesque is a new brand to me but I will definitely be looking for more of the Japonesque Color Collection in the future.

Japonesque products can be purchased from Ulta and Ulta.com. Look for Japonesque Color Liquid Light at Walmart.

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  1. Ha ha, I ‘m am just the opposite. As I get older, the less I do with the makeup. I should try a primer–I like that idea of a blurring effect! Just love all the new products they have out there to try.

  2. I’ve never tried any Japonesque products (aside from their brushes, of course which are fantastic). I’ll have to see if my Ulta carries any of these to give them a shot! Particularly that primer..

  3. I have never heard of these…but I just love them! You look lovely and your skin looks dewy (is that the right word?) and so glowing! Would love to see a giveaway for this line! HInt! HInt!


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