Winter Beauty Tips: How to Hydrate your Lips

Last Updated on February 4, 2024 by Ellen Christian

Check out these winter beauty tips!  Learn how to hydrate your lips when they are dry and chapped and find out which products work best.

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Winter Beauty Tips: How to Hydrate your Lips

Winter Beauty Tips

Summer and winter present different types of challenges when it comes to caring for your skin and lips. Because the summers are mild in Vermont, summer doesn’t generally present much of a problem. However, our long, cold winters are another story entirely. Winter lasts about 6 months where I live so these tips are an absolute must.

The colder air and the fact that we run our furnace or woodstove during the winter means that my skin and lips are almost always dry. While putting body lotion or moisturizer on can hydrate your skin, do you know how to hydrate your lips?

How do you heal chapped lips fast?

Don’t lick your lips. You may think it’s helping but it’s actually making the problem worse. Avoid wearing flavored lip balms which may encourage you to lick your lips. If your lips do end up chapped, I absolutely love Zincuta Skin Ointment. It works great on fever blisters and cold sores too.

Winter Beauty Tips: How to Hydrate your Lips

How can I make my lips moist naturally?

Drink plenty of water. Drinking extra water will help replace what you lose. This tip works for your skin and your lips. Drinking water keeps your whole body hydrated. If that isn’t enough, you can try adding a few drops of almond oil which is a great source of Vitamin E.

How to Make a Simple Natural Two Ingredient Lip Gloss

What should we apply on lips in winter?

You should avoid using any lip products that contain alcohol during the winter because it will dry your lips out even more. There are some moisturizing lipsticks, lip butters and lips balms that will work well for you. You can also make a simple natural two ingredient lip gloss at home.

You may want to try Lypsyl Intense Protection lip balm.

Winter beauty care

Adding a humidifier to your office or bedroom returns some of the moisture to the air that heating removes. This can help combat dry skin, lips and hair. One of the biggest challenges of colder weather is that your skin is so much dryer. This humidifier is intended specifically for your face.

How to make chocolate honey lip scrub

Winter beauty tips – homemade lip scrub

Using a gentle lip scrub can remove dry, peeling skin from your lips.  This leaves your lips looking smooth and healthy. You can try my chocolate honey lip scrub which is super easy to make and uses natural ingredients. Left untreated, they can get infected and even leave a scar.

Winter Beauty Tips: How to Hydrate your Lips

Beauty tips for cold weather

Protect your skin and lips from cold weather as much as possible. If you’re going outside, use a scarf to cover as much as your face as possible. This face scarf makes it easier and it comes in over a dozen different patterns and colors.