Heddy Freddy Artisan Handbag System

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Ellen Christian

If you’re like me, a stylish handbag is a must. I like to coordinate it with my outfit, my shoes or the season depending on my mood. Do you know what I don’t like? I don’t like having to take everything out of my daytime handbag and put everything into my evening handbag only to turn around and do the same thing in the morning in reverse! What a huge waste of time.

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Heddy Freddy is an artisan handbag system that consists of a shell, tote and module. Think of the module as a small organizer that holds all of your important items from your wallet to your glasses to your keys to your checkbook. This organizer is loaded with pockets to help keep everything organized, neat and easy to find.

The module fits inside the shell which is your handbag. Or you can even use the module as a stand alone small purse if you attach a strap to it!   There are a variety of different types of handbags from a frilly purse to a purse with a strap or even a flap depending on your style and where you’re going. The neat thing is that the module fits right inside of this shell so when you want to change purses all you need to do is remove the module from one handbag and place it in another handbag.  Everything stays neat and organized and it takes only a few seconds.

Now for those of you that work in the business world, you’re going to love this next part.  I cannot tell you how many business meetings I’ve been to lugging around that unfashionable black briefcase that I have tried (unsuccessfully) to fit all my personal items into without it being obvious that I’ve done so. After all I may need to touch up my make up or have a few dollars for a cup of coffee. The executive tote is a professional business tote that holds important papers, laptop and work items BUT it also holds the module that contains all your important personal items! Just take it out of your handbag shell and place it into the tote. When you get home from work, take it out of the tote and place it back into your handbag shell! I love it!  I really love the quality of the products I received from Heddy Freddy.  They’re extremely well made and I love the styles. I really couldn’t believe how many different style choices there were to choose from. It was so easy to find one that was just “me”!

Heddy Freddy let me in on a little secret! They’ll soon be releasing a diaper bag module for those of you with babies and small children so you can enjoy the functionality and style of Heddy Freddy in your diaper bag too!  For those of you men out there, no need to feel ignored. Heddy Freddy will soon be coming out with a murse just for you! You can connect with Heddy Freddy on Facebook to keep up with what they’re doing. 

If you head over to Facebook and like Heddy Freddy’s Facebook page, you can receive a code for $25 off ANY purchase – no minimum! Just let her know that I sent you when you like her page and she’ll email you the code.  Wishing for a Heddy Freddy for Christmas this year? Check out Heddy Freddy’s wish list service!

Heddy Freddy is offering one of my lucky readers a Heddy Freddy module and strap. That’s a $77 value!

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