Fun Facts About Holiday Gifting Around

Last Updated on March 26, 2021 by Ellen Christian

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I love the holidays and giving gifts but I never gave much thought to holiday gifting around the globe. Of course, I realize that each country celebrates the holidays in their own special way, but I never gave much thought to how. I received these fun facts along with a holiday gift to thank me for sharing them with you.

Fun Facts About Holiday Gifting Around the Globe

Fun Facts About Holiday Gifting Around the Globe

Do you enjoy the holidays or do you find them a little bit stressful? Or, maybe it’s a little bit of both. While I love the holidays, they definitely can be stressful no matter how hard I try to keep the season calm and relaxed. The Body Shop global gifting survey studied gifting behaviors of 1,950 men and women across 10 countries, in 5 continents.

  • 23% of the people globally say they want a beauty gift calendar
  • 39% of those under 25 want to pop open a daily beauty gift
  • 48% of people are looking to give a personalised or bespoke gift
  • 67% of people think when opening gifts, it is polite to wait
  • 25% of women plan to give more beauty gifts this year compared to last year
  • Men are just as likely as women to buy a little treat for themselves
  • 89% of people find buying presents stressful
  • 33% of people don’t think it’s rude to dive right in
  • Nearly 75% of people said that they spend less on their partners than they used to. With lowest spending being year 7-8 of the relationship.
  • Men get more stressed out than women.

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  1. Those are fun facts! I am trying not to stress at the holidays and trying to get some deadlines out of the way so can at least enjoy them. Presents weren’t huge with our family so I’m more of a “It’s the thought that counts” person. I do love the affordable trial sets or travel size sets for the beauty gifts and people seem to appreciate them.

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