Finding Winter Prom Dresses and Homecoming Gowns

Last Updated on September 21, 2020 by Ellen Christian

I used to think that finding winter prom dresses was challenging.  Here in Vermont, prom season lands firmly in the middle of winter.  The ground is still covered with ice and snow and it will be months before we have warm evenings.  I always envied people who lived in the southern portion of the country for their warm (or even hot) weather during prom season.

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Finding Winter Prom Dresses

Many winter prom dresses are in gorgeous royal hues like turquoise, eggplant, emerald, and magenta. For those that are a bit bolder, you can find winter prom dresses in both black and red.  A sparkle of silver beading on your prom dress of choice will help bring out the vibrant colors.


Because the weather is still cool or even cold in the winter, I have always found that choosing a floor length dress was the best option.  Not all floor length dresses look the same though. There are floor length dresses with trains or if it is a bit warmer, even a floor length prom dress with a slit in the front. Some prom dresses will be sheath style from bosom to ankles, some will mermaid style and flair just under the hips. Or, you can choose the more traditional style where the gown is fitted at the top and the flairs gently from the waist down.

Because the weather is often colder during the winter, it’s important to consider a shawl or wrap for warmth. There may be photos outside before the prom begins and you’ll want to be warm and stylish.

Finding winter prom dresses and other prom dress styles doesn’t need to be difficult. You can often visit a bridal shop in your area to purchase winter prom dresses. There’s also a wonderful selection of winter prom dresses at Lord and Taylor and Dillards if you have those stores in your area. You can often find cheap winter formal dresses on the garage sale sites for your town. Otherwise, I have included a selection of cute winter prom dresses for juniors below this post.

Remember to consider shoes, a bag and hair accessories. Be sure to schedule an appointment at the salon for an updo or blowout. Check out a few of the gorgeous prom hairstyles above.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that second dress! It’s so gorgeous! Kids have it so much easier when it comes to prom dress shopping than I did as a teen. I graduated in 93, before the internet was a big thing, so I had to shop for dresses in the few stores nearby.

  2. With the dresses they have out today I could go to prom all over again and love it just as much as the first time. There are so many options and I love how affordable they all are.

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