Fashionable underwear for men from Mario Lopez

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For some reason, my son has decided that it’s a good men’s fashion look to have his baggy boxers showing up over the top of his jeans.  I’m not exactly sure where he got that idea but I’d like to change his mind before he gets too much older. At fifteen, there is still time to show him the light and introduce him to fashionable underwear for men.

After his soccer game, we headed over to the mall to see what we could find at our local KMart. I had heard about a new brand of underwear, MaLo by Mario Lopez, but had never seen it before. When we first got there, we checked out the underwear wall where all of the men’s underwear is located but didn’t find any Mario Lopez.  As we checked out the perimeter of the department, we noticed a four way display with Mario Lopez products on one end.

Originally, he was checking out the boxers but I steered him toward the Mario Lopez display.  He was adamant that he did not want briefs or “tighty whities” for his new underwear. When he saw that the MaLo underwear was available in different colors and that they had boxer briefs, he agreed to give it a try. I understand that MaLo Underwear is available in patterns too but we did not have those at my KMart.

His first reaction was that they were shorter than he normally liked.  He’s used to big, baggy boxers. I urged him to give them a try. When he came home from school after wearing them, he was ready to toss his baggy boxers! I’ve just saved some future woman a whole lot of work.  Thank you, Mario Lopez! No more baggy boxers!

Right now, MaLo Underwear has a contest on their Facebook page where you can win a chance to meet Mario Lopez and $75 worth of MaLo products.  All you have to do is post a before and after picture of your man wearing MaLo by Mario Lopez along with your name, state and a brief description of your makeover. The best makeover story and the most number of likes wins. Connect with Mario Lopez on Twitter and MaLo Underwear on Pinterest as well.

Check out my entire shopping trip in my Google + album or take a look at my slide show below.

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  1. I actually don’t mind the first look…as long as the jeans aren’t totally falling off. And I nearly had to shield my eyes for fear of being a cougar…your son is a cutie pants 🙂

  2. At risk of sounding like a total creeper, you’ve got a good lookin’ son 🙂 And thank you for helping him see the light in terms of boxer briefs! We need more moms like you!

  3. Mario is perfect to represent these drawers and hits the right audience too. Cute son!!…er, model, that is!!!

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